Catering Consumables

Catering consumables are vital to your business if you work in an industry where hygiene and cleanliness are important factors. When we refer to catering consumables, we’re simply referring to all of the products we use in and around our commercial kitchens. This can be anything from plastic aprons and powdered gloves to the order pads that our waiters and waitresses use to take the orders of our clientele. 

Possessing all the correct equipment to ensure your business can operate efficiently and in an organised fashion can go a long way in improving the profitability and success of your business. Crosbys sell an exceptional multitude of catering consumables in a range of materials, with batch sizes to suit the needs and demands of your business.

What is a catering consumable?

Catering consumables are the products we use to ensure our kitchens and cafeterias run smoothly and catering hygiene standards are met. Many businesses from various industries are required to purchase catering consumables, but the employees who will benefit the most from possessing these valuable items are kitchen staff in restaurants, cafes, hotels and any other establishments where food hygiene must be considered. In short, we’re referring to the hospitality industry. 

Catering consumables cover a broad selection of products - from latex and vinyl powdered gloves to suit your requirements, to multipacks of plastic aprons and order pads of varying sizes to help bridge the communication gap between your customers, waiting staff and the kitchen. 

Catering consumables are the bread and butter of the catering and hospitality industry, as they keep the kitchens ticking, supplying them with everything they need to remain safe and hygienic. Catering consumables can also include cling film and foils, condiments and cream whipper bulbs. We're referring to everything you need to keep the back of house in your restaurant running smoothly.

What type of businesses use catering consumables?

The main businesses that will find use for catering consumables operate primarily in the hospitality industry, but Crosbys products should be purchased throughout all businesses. For food preparation or even care workers, catering consumables are perfect for improving the hygiene standards in your business. Here are just a few businesses that would benefit from purchasing catering consumables. 

  • Restaurant kitchen staff
  • Waiting staff
  • Hoteliers and landlords
  • Hospital catering staff
  • Soup kitchen volunteers

As you can see, the scope is huge in terms of the breadth of use of catering consumables. Whether it's plastic aprons, order pads or powdered gloves, Crosbys have everything you need to help the hospitality industry flourish.

What products are available from Crosbys?

There are many catering consumable products available at Crosbys - with a particularly strong focus on plastic aprons, a range of health-minded powdered gloves, and order pads that will keep your kitchen ticking over, efficient and organised. Here are just a few of the products on offer in the Crosbys online store.

Plastic aprons

Crosbys sell a delightful range of plastic aprons to protect your kitchen staff or catering assistants from any spillages and unwanted mess that can arise throughout the course of food preparation. You know how it is: slicing tomatoes, chopping fruit and folding dough can be messy, so it's a good idea to ensure you're wearing a plastic apron when you do it. 

Crosbys plastic aprons are available to buy in packs of 100 and are 100% disposable, coming in a very stylish aquatic blue colour. However, the colour blue is vital for ensuring hygienic food preparation. Why don’t we use standard white plastic aprons, we hear you say? Well, let’s just consider the consequences if a piece of your apron somehow manages to find its way into the food...

In this situation, it’s much easier to realise what’s happened and identify the issue before any further damage to a customer can be caused when you are using blue aprons rather than transparent options. Our aprons are CE certified for use in European economic zones.

Powdered gloves

Crosbys also sell a range of powdered disposable blue gloves in small, medium and large to ensure a perfect fit for a wide variety of hands. Similar to the case with our blue aprons, the colour blue is vital to meeting the hygienic safety standards important to maintaining a healthy, reputable business, as this colour allows any breakaway pieces of the glove to be quickly identified and removed from the food.

Our gloves are made from technical vinyl polymers and powdered to provide ease of access when you are putting them on. Additionally, they are latex free, meaning that they create improved levels of disposability concerning the benefits on the ecosystem. Don't underestimate how vital powdered gloves are to ensuring that your business prepares food safely. 

Order pads 

You may not think it, but order pads play a crucial part in ensuring that your customers' safety is kept in mind. Crosbys sell a broad range of order pads perfect for waiting and kitchen staff to use in recording orders and noting down important dietary information. 

Our order pads are available in a range of sizes and designs, creating suitable options for a wide range of businesses whether they are small village cafés or use corporate function rooms. 

Order pads enable an important line of communication between front of house and the kitchen, as a clear order sheet alongside a visible table number can go a long way in ensuring that there are no costly mishaps in the preparation of customers' food and drinks.

we’ve been able to establish that catering consumables can contribute significantly to improving the success of your business and help to uphold important food hygiene standards for both your staff and the customers you serve. 

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a pub landlord or work in the catering department of a large business, the products on sale at Crosbys are wholesale and suitable for all businesses. We’ve got everything you need - from powdered gloves to plastic aprons and order pads - to keep the hospitality industry operating at its maximum potential.