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Plastic aprons are perfect for improving the food safety standards within a catering or hospitality environment. There’s an exceptional range of catering consumables available at Crosbys - from plastic aprons and powdered gloves to order pads for your restaurant waiting staff.

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Food hygiene is a vital component for the success of your business and the health of your customers. Passing a food hygiene inspection from the Food Standards Agency can be the perfect method of establishing the reputation of your business as well as creating a safe and healthy place to work for your staff. Crosbys sell a selection of catering consumables that are perfect for a wide range of businesses, but predominantly staff who work in direct or close proximity to food or in the hospitality industry.

One of the most popular products from Crosbys is the disposable plastic apron that’s perfect for kitchen staff and protecting their clothing and skin from any unnecessary spills. When it comes to your business, it’s well worth investing in a compact selection of multi-purpose plastic aprons to improve the hygiene rating of your business.

What are plastic aprons?

It may seem pretty obvious, but first, we must establish what plastic aprons are and what purpose they serve when used within the hospitality and catering industry. Plastic aprons are a vital catering consumable that should be worn by all staff working in restaurant, bar or hotel kitchens when working in food preparation. Plastic aprons from Genware are available at Crosbys and provide a preventative safety shield for any spills that may come into contact with staff clothing or skin.

The polythene nature of our plastic aprons makes them anti-bacterial, creating the perfect item for use in catering environments and reducing the chances of food poisoning or salmonella contamination in your restaurant. Additionally, Genware’s aprons are available in blue - a perfect colour for helping you to identify any pieces of the apron that may find their way into the food you’re preparing. When we consider why we use blue aprons instead of standard white polythene, imagine the difficulty of locating pieces of this colour when they come into contact with our food.

Available to buy in a bulk selection of 100 aprons per pack, our aprons are flat-packed and easily dispensable, meaning no contamination is possible while putting them on. Additionally, our plastic aprons come equipped with secure ties around the back of the item and a loop for the head to go through, ensuring mobility of your staff and a solid start when it comes to food hygiene preparation.

What are catering consumables?

What do we mean when we refer to catering consumables? Catering consumables are the items in our bars and kitchens that help keep the business ticking, organised and hygienic.

Whether we replenish condiments like sauces and salts, restock straws or napkins or establish a solid food hygiene regime with the use of plastic aprons and powdered gloves, these are the vital items within our kitchens. Without them, how would we pass food safety inspections? Furthermore, how would our waiters and bar staff run our front of house bars and restaurants effectively?

Here at Crosbys, we specialise in bringing you a selection of catering consumables in a range of disposable and anti-bacterial materials to help improve the safety standards of your kitchen. All of our products are available to be purchased in bulk and easily stored and dispensable for all of your members of staff.

Each of our plastic aprons comes with an easy-to-use seal and overhead loop allowing ease of access when you are preparing your food. Additionally, our powdered gloves are available in a range of sizes - and, owing to the vinyl-powdered properties of these gloves, create simplicity when you are applying them to your hands.

Lastly, our order pads are vital if you want to note down important dietary information and order requirements to create a solid line of communication between waiting staff and chefs in the kitchen. Available in a range of sizes, an order pad is perfect for your bar and restaurant and suited to fitting alongside a pen in a back or top pocket.

Catering consumables are vital to your business and should not be overlooked. Whether you are seeking to improve the food hygiene standards of your business or looking to envelop a bit more organisation into your workforce, don’t look past Crosbys when you want to add supplies to your new kitchen or catering department.

How can plastic aprons improve hygiene at your business?

When you are aiming to enhance food safety and hygiene in your business, catering consumables like plastic aprons can go a long way in ensuring that hygiene standards are met, safety inspections are passed, and strains of food poisoning and salmonella are kept well away from your businesses.

We all carry both good and bad germs - and so does the food we eat. This is why it’s vital that you wear the correct equipment when preparing your food to ensure that none of the bad germs can be transferred from kitchen staff to food and on to the customer, creating illness and further contamination. Here are just a few ways that plastic aprons can improve the hygiene standards in your business:

  • Reduces chances of salmonella in your kitchen

A salmonella outbreak in a kitchen is the living nightmare of a restaurant owner, but a plastic apron can be the first step in reducing the risk of outbreak in your kitchen. Salmonella is usually passed from animal to human through food that is contaminated with faeces from the animal and is most common when dealing with meat, eggs and poultry.

As well as buying wholesome, organic food stock, kitchen staff should wear plastic aprons to ensure that the salmonella bug capable of coming into contact with the clothes or skin of the food preparer isn’t passed on. The Genware aprons available at Crosbys provide a perfect level of anti-bacterial protection against the salmonella virus spreading through your business.

  • Reduces the spreading of E. coli in your kitchen

Similarly to salmonella, the E. coli virus is passed between humans and our contaminated food through faecal matter. E. coli contamination in your restaurant can lead to a mass spread of food poisoning or gastroenteritis among staff and customers. Preventing harmful E. coli from entering your kitchen should be your first priority when ensuring food safety standards are met.

A plastic apron, as well as some powdered gloves, can reduce the chances of outbreak by reducing the contact between food and the skin. Studies at the University of Michigan suggest that our arms alone possess up to 10 million bacteria, with just under 5,000 strains of bacteria being found across the body. When we consider this in line with our food preparation and kitchen safety standards, it really is not worth running the risk of not wearing a plastic apron.

  • Creates healthier staff

In our kitchens and restaurants, having a healthy set of staff can do wonders for the sustainability and hygiene standards of our businesses. As many of us who work in the hospitality industry will know, staff are interchangeable, with kitchen staff sometimes working front of house and waiting staff occasionally working in the kitchen. Our restaurants and catering departments are increasingly multiskilled.

We’ve already gone through the above benefits that can help improve the hygiene standards in your kitchen as well as reduce the chances of harmful viruses like salmonella, E. coli and food poisoning spreading. Some restaurant owners may treat the health of their customers as a main priority over the health of the staff. However, when we consider the interactions our staff have between customers when greeting them or exchanging payment and holding their food, it really pays to possess staff who are clean, healthy and ready to work.

Additionally, having healthy staff means that those last-minute sickness calls are a thing of the past and you won’t need to spend additional funding interviewing and recruiting new staff. The benefits of wearing a plastic apron are tenfold.

Can plastic aprons help you pass a food hygiene test?

Possessing plastic aprons as well as powdered gloves at your business is a good way to show the hygiene inspector that you are being proactive about food standards and health and safety in the restaurant.

It will show the inspector that hygiene is being considered when it comes to food preparation as well as protecting your staff from any contaminated food that can connect with their skin. Additionally, the biodegradable nature of the aprons means that they also tick the correct boxes for eco-friendliness.

What type of aprons can you find at Crosbys?

Crosbys sell a broad range of plastic aprons that come in blue disposable polythene options. The reason our aprons are blue is that it makes them easy to identify should any sections of the apron enter the food. This reduces the risk of plastic entering the food and also protects your staff from any stray leaks or spills.

Additionally, the plastic aprons available from Genware at Crosbys are available in compact packs of 100 - meaning that you can buy in bulk and see to your catering consumable needs all in one shop. Our aprons are available at a fair and cost-effective price for your business too.

What businesses can benefit from using plastic aprons?

On the subject of plastic aprons in the workplace, we have already detailed some of the benefits with regard to food preparation or dealing with spilt substances, but let’s take a look at what type of businesses can benefit from the use of plastic aprons:

  • Restaurants, pubs and clubs – The hospitality and catering industry is perhaps the main area where plastic aprons are necessary. Crosbys’ plastic aprons are fit for purpose for a number of activities - including food preparation, cocktail making, rubbish disposal and washing and cleaning, as well as cleaning up those sickly messes that sometimes can occur front of house when some customers have had a bit too much to drink.
  • Hospitals – Aside from saving the lives of people every day, doctors and nurses require the use of plastic aprons but for a completely different reason to our kitchen staff. However, hospital kitchen and catering departments need to take great care when trying to ensure the reduction of bacteria in their kitchens. As staff in these departments are already surrounded by sick people, the chances of infection are perhaps much greater than in any other sort of establishment. Therefore, care must be taken when the staff hand food to patients as well as handle food in the kitchen to prevent the spread of harmful E. coli and salmonella that could worsen the condition of ill patients.

The plastic apron is a vital part of ensuring that hygiene standards are met within your business. In comparison to many other catering consumables, plastic aprons are cheap, easy to store and perfect for creating that ease of access when some food preparation needs to be completed quickly.

Plastic aprons are suitable for many businesses within the hospitality industry - including restaurants, pubs, cafes, corporate catering departments, factory production lines and hospitals. Whatever industry you work in, when you want to source catering consumables and plastic aprons, Crosbys delivers the number one selection and most cost-effective bulk buy options for your staff and establishment.