Chef Knives & Accessories

Knives are one of the most crucial tools in a chef's arsenal. Chef knives are a proverbial workhorse within a commercial kitchen and catering space, offering new realms of control and precision when chopping, slicing and dicing various meats, fruits and vegetables. Here at Crosby’s, you’ll find a vast selection of high-quality chef knives and tools from key manufacturers, such as Genware and Giesser, where each knife features a sharp blade with edge retention that is second to none. 

Our chef knives are designed with sharpness and precision, meaning you get better control to allow for less slippage and chopping and slicing that remains consistent across the board. Whether hunting for a chef knife set or a single knife, you’ll find all you need here at Crosby’s. 

What knives should a chef have?

The number of knives a chef can hold in their repertoire is extensive, with knives existing for almost every cutting task in a kitchen. However, three basic knives should be housed in a chef's toolbelt, regardless of whether a professional chef or a home cook is using them; they are a chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife and a paring knife.