Plastic Gastronorm Containers

One of the most important aspects of creating and maintaining an efficient and smooth-running kitchen is preparation. Chopping cucumber and tomatoes, preparing salads and dressings, slicing bacon and making soups are only part of the vast array of work it takes to prepare a kitchen area even before the space opens for service. After preparation, storing these items during food service is also a necessary requirement in order to efficiently deliver high quality products to customers within very specific time-frames. Storing these already prepared food items is therefore an integral part of kitchen work. 

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Much like their stainless-steel tray counterparts, polypropylene gastronorm food storage containers are not only strong and long-lasting pieces of kitchen equipment, but they are also a necessary part of any kitchen preparation. Depending on your chosen catering field, the amount of preparation before food service varies drastically. This means that steady, durable and reliable food storage containers which can be neatly organised are an absolute necessity for any and every commercial kitchen space.

Why are gastronorms available in polypropylene?

Gastronorm food storage containers are typically made from a visually transparent polypropylene, although they can also be made from stainless-steel. These containers are available in varying shapes, sizes and type depending on your particular kitchen needs.

From car bumpers to washing up bowls, polypropylene is used in a whole variety of different products across different markets. These include textiles such as rugs and carpets, packaging like warehouse crates and DVD boxes, furniture and toys, technical parts like cars and piping, as well as food packaging and containers. This is because polypropylene is such a versatile and durable material.

What are some of the properties of polypropylene gastronorm food storage containers?

There are many different properties of polypropylene and below is a quick summary of a few of the properties of the materials and why they are necessary for kitchen work:

Dishwasher safe

Polypropylene food storage containers are completely dishwasher safe. This versatile and durable plastic does not react with water, detergents, acids or bases which make it the perfect material to withstand the vigorous commercial washing process.

Able to withstand the vast array of chemicals used during the cleaning process, polypropylene containers can be used again and again throughout the kitchen service, making them a durable and resistant container for almost any food items.

Polypropylene containers are very easy to clean as they require only a light scrubbing before entering a dishwasher for even the toughest of cooked-in stains. They are also scratch-resistant and as a result are able to withstand this often-vigorous cleaning process without becoming damaged, brittle or even just looking old too.


Having a low density, this plastic is incredibly light, especially in comparison to its stainless-steel counterparts.

Able to hold hefty food products without adding much to the overall weight, these containers are perfectly designed for storing food products in often clustered and heavy storage racks. Reducing the risk of collapsing storage areas, polypropylene's lightweight density also aids the day-to-day lifting and moving of these food items throughout the kitchen areas by members of staff. This helps to reduce the health and safety risks of staff members too. Unlike other denser materials which gastronorms can be made from, polypropylene provides a lightweight material which makes it perfect for food storage.

Visually transparent

This plastic is also available in a visually transparent colourless material. This is particularly useful as it can provide easy access to food items which may not be labeled due to their everyday use. As a result, this can give effortless access to the correct product without any searching in even a dense kitchen-space or even denser fridge area.

However, these polypropylene containers are also available in coloured versions, such as purple, which often indicate food-specific allergens or other contaminants. This gives an efficient and clear indication on the allergens in specific prepared food items which not only creates a neater and more organised kitchen space, but also reduces the risk of other contaminants too.

Hot and cold resistance

Able to withstand temperatures ranging from the very coldest -40 to the hottest +100 degrees Celsius, polypropylene gastronorm containers can be used in a whole wide variety of kitchen practices.

As a result of this, polypropylene containers can be stored in either a cold fridge space, or a hot storage space such as a bain-marie or a hot cupboard depending on your specific kitchen needs. From storage in fridges to storage in hot cupboards, polypropylene is the perfect material to provide a durable and versatile food storage container.

High gloss appearance

Not only an asset to the back of house areas where visual aesthetic is not as necessary, the high gloss appearance of the polypropylene food storage containers provides a professional and visually stimulating look.

Combined with accessories like tray racks and other types of  display gastronorms, polypropylene containers can be used in the front of house displays as well as the more practical storage facilities in the back of house. This means that the same polypropylene container used to prepare food products and can be simply transferred from its either hot or cold storage facility in the back of house to the front of house. This reduces the process of having to remove food products from a back of house food container into a specifically designed container for the sole purpose of display.

Steam barrier properties

Able to withstand a large amount of penetration from steam or other contaminating objects, the polypropylene material is the perfect substance for food storage containers due to its food protection properties. Not only keeping food fresher for longer, these containers also reduce the risk of food contamination and therefore increase food hygiene and safety.


Although polypropylene is a material known for its rigidity, it is also a material which has a high impact-resistance. This means that these containers are perfect for the day-today accidents which frequently occur in kitchen spaces. Polypropylene food storage containers are also resistant to cracking and most everyday kitchen stresses placed on the material.

Able to withstand the day-to-day kitchen handling, a vigorous commercial cleaning process as well as the various accidents which often, and almost always, occur in kitchen spaces, polypropylene is the perfect material to withstand a plethora of mistakes and accidents. As a result, these food storage containers are long-lasting and therefore an efficient and economical investment for any kitchen space.

Easy to weld and bend

Polypropylene is a material that can be easily welded and can be easily bended into different shapes and forms. This means that polypropylene food storage containers come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and depths, from the largest full-sized and 10mm to the smallest 1/6 and 200mm. This means that they can be individually chosen for the specific requirements of your kitchens, whether they by a large or small kitchen space or racking setup.


This wonderfully versatile plastic is also very recyclable. Although polypropylene is an incredibly durable material, it is also not indestructible and therefore will, after quite a long time, end up getting damaged, broken or even just starts to look too old to use for display purposes.

By being melted and reformed into plastic pellets, this material is able to live another life as another food storage container, a cutting board, colander and so many more different products discussed above. This means that not only is polypropylene a wonderful material to use as a food storage container, but it can also live a new life as whole wide variety of items too!

In what situations are polypropylene gastronorm food storage containers useful?

There are always situations in kitchen spaces which require a whole multitude of equipment. From preparation for food items to storage to cooking and even front of house display, catering requires a lot of different pieces of equipment to be able to function accurately and efficiently.

Preparing even the simplest of food products can be a challenge in a busy kitchen space. However, polypropylene food storage containers can be used to store food items for a significant amount of time (depending on the food product you plan on storing) in cold or hot storage facilities. As a result of being able to withstand temperatures ranging from the coldest -40 to the hottest +100 degrees Celsius, polypropylene food storage containers can store food items in either a hot or cold facility such as a fridge or hot cupboard. This means that polypropylene containers can reduce time spend during food service times by having previously prepared food items ready for serving times.

There are a whole multitude of different purposes that polypropylene food storage containers can be used in. They can be individually chosen to suit the needs of almost every kitchen space depending on unique hot and cold storage facilities as well as individual kitchen needs.

Should I purchase a solid polypropylene lid or a notched polypropylene lid for my food storage needs?

As a result of the wide range of uses for polypropylene food storage containers, there are different types of lids that are suited to different uses. Two of these lids are detailed below:

Solid polypropylene lid

Polypropylene lids are available in all the different sizes that the polypropylene containers are available in which is: GN2/1, GN1/1, GN2/3, GN1/2, GN1/3, GN1/4, GN1/6 and GN1/9.

Solid polypropylene lids are a useful accessory to any container. Providing a seal which can prevent leaks and spillages from almost all food products stored inside, these lids are a necessary component in keeping any kitchen space clean and organised.

Utilising the solid nature of these particular lids, many polypropylene containers can be stacked on top of each other in either a fridge space or even a hot cupboard area. This means that gastronorms can be an efficient and space-saving food storage container which is always an essential in often very compact kitchen spaces.

Notched polypropylene lid

Although the solid polypropylene lids are useful as space-saving containers, notched lids provide a different purpose. Also available in all the sizes listed above, notched lids have a small indented hole on the edge. This provides aeration and reduces steam build up within containers that are stored in hot cupboards, bain-marie or any other hot storage facilities.

However, these notched lids also provide an area for utensils to be kept in. Allowing a perfect space for the handles of kitchen utensils to poke out from, these lids allow for not only the easy access of metal utensils, but also a neat storing facility too. Reducing the need for separate utensil storage, notched lids keep all the necessary equipment in one space. This can also reduce cross contamination of different food items, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or even just different food products which should not be mixed. This is as a result of the utensils being kept within their specified areas, rather than being placed randomly in the kitchen space and therefore is less likely to be used for anything other than their intended purpose.

How are gastronorm containers better than other types of containers for my commercial kitchen?

Depending on the requirements of your kitchen, your individual racking setups and the space that you have to work with, gastronorm trays and containers can serve s multitude of purposes.

Gastronorm containers can be used to prepare, cook and store a whole variety of food items depending on your requirements. It is because of the wide variety of uses that gastronorm containers can be used for that they are more efficient pieces of kitchen equipment than other available products.

Able to be utilised throughout the whole kitchen service, gastronorm containers can be used again and again. For example, one gastronorm container can store your prepared food product in the back of house, like sliced tomatoes, and then display the product in the front of house areas. This means that gastronorm containers are not only space-saving, but they are also time-efficient products which reduce pot washing as well as cluttered work areas.

To find the variety of different gastronorm containers, have a browse through our website and find the gastronorm that is best for you and your business!