Plastic Gastronorm Containers

Tip-top storage is the backbone of any well-organised kitchen, so we’re pleased to offer a varied collection of plastic gastronorm containers. Perfect for storing a wide range of hot and cold foods, these plastic containers are versatile and available in various shapes and sizes, making food preparation a breeze in even the busiest kitchens. Here at Crosby’s, our selection of plastic gastronorms comes to you from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the business, such as Genware, so you know you’re getting the best quality storage solutions for your kitchen every time.

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Much like their stainless-steel tray counterparts, polypropylene gastronorm food storage containers are strong, long-lasting kitchen equipment and a necessary part of kitchen preparation. The preparation before food service varies drastically depending on your chosen catering field; this means all of your durable, reliable food storage containers that can be neatly organised are necessary for any commercial kitchen space.

Can you store hot food in plastic gastronorms?

Plastic gastronomy containers are more than suitable for storing hot food. They’re designed to be versatile storage and can withstand high food temperatures. There are also high-heat gastronorms available, which can withstand temperatures above 100°C, if necessary.