Stainless Steel Gastronorms

A gastronorm is a durable and tough food container specified in the EN 631 standards. Able to store, cook and display either hot or cold food products, gastronorms are made from a range of materials and are available in a huge variety of sizes and depths. The gastronorm is an efficient and cost-saving piece of essential commercial kitchen equipment. Serving a wide range of kitchen purposes, the gastronorm can be used to store food items as well as liquids, with additional locking air-tight seal lids available for liquid or other contents.

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Why should I use gastronorms?

Throughout the country, gastronorm food storage containers are used in the commercial catering industry because of their durability, cost-efficiency and ease of use. One gastronorm can be used to store, cook and display a variety of food items because of the reliable and tough materials which they are made from. These handy pieces of equipment are also able to withstand a great deal of normal day-to-day rough handling which often occurs in kitchens. This includes scratches and or dents from metal utensils, although the strength and durability of gastronorms can differ depending on the material they are made from.

From kitchen porters to pot washers to chefs, the gastronorm is an easy to use kitchen essential which is able to withstand any and almost all busy kitchen work as well as most accidental drops, collisions or smashes. Perfect for any commercial kitchen.

What can I cook in gastronorms?

Almost anything! Gastronorms are incredibly versatile food storage containers which can be used to both store food in hot or cold conditions as well as cook food in ovens. Unlike many non-commercial food storage containers used in kitchens at home, the same gastronorm can be used for a variety of hot and cold storing as well as cooking, making them the perfect example of a multi-purpose kitchen essential.

For example, stainless-steel gastronorm trays can be used to cook tomatoes and mushrooms with, although they do need to be compatible with the correct oven size, and then the same gastronorm can be stored hot in a bain-marie fully prepared and ready for the oncoming for breakfast service. They can be also used to cook meats, like bacon or sausages, or a whole variety of other food items.

As well as hot foods, the polypropylene containers can be used to store cold prepped foods such as halved tomatoes or salads and then held in a saladette or fridge ready for use.

There is almost no end to the uses of gastronorms in kitchen spaces.

Are gastronorms efficient pieces of kitchen equipment?

As suggested above, from food preparation to cooking and then serving, the same type of gastronorm can be used for all aspects of day-to-day kitchen work. Not only does this help provide a more efficient and smooth running of the kitchen for members of staff, but it also means that they are also incredibly easy to purchase from us. Just one type of gastronorm can be used to prep, cook and store a whole variety of foods which is perfect for almost every commercial kitchen. A more cost-effective way of cooking and storing hot and cold food items than traditional home-cooking kitchen utensils, gastronorms are perfectly designed for the busy and often time-consuming tasks in commercial kitchens.

Depending on your individual racking setup, and your individual catering requirements, gastronorm trays can be purchased either individually or in packs in order to provide you with the best and most effective kitchen resources. They can all be purchased in the same material, or different materials, depending on your own preferences and needs.

But don’t forget, you can also purchase a wide variety of gastronorm accessories like racks, pans and even perforated gastronorm trays too!

Are there a lot of different kinds of gastronorms to choose from?

A cost-efficient way of storing hot or cold food items, gastronorm containers can be individually utilised depending on the unique needs of your kitchen service. Not only are gastronorms available in a variety of sizes and depths, ranging from full size all the way down to quarter sizes, they are also available in different durable materials too. Ranging from stainless-steel, polypropylene, porcelain or polycarbonate, the the variety of materials which gastronorms can be made from are all durable and can be used for all different aspects of the kitchen service.

Which type of gastronorm is best for my business?

Depending on what your unique business requires, there is a gastornorm for almost every component of the kitchen.

As stated above, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Some of these are listed below:

Gastronorm Pans and Trays

These gastronorm pans and trays are incredibly versatile food storage containers. From full size GN 1/1 (530mm diameter by 325mm width) with a depth of  200mm, to GN 1/9 with a depth of 10mm, gastronorm pans and trays have a huge variety of sizes that you can choose from.

All of these gastronorm pans and trays are available in stainless steel or polycarbonate, depending on what you and your business requires in the kitchen.

Gastronorm Lids

Although lids for the gastronorm containers are not always necessary for the cooking process, in order to store food items, either hot or cold, a lid is a necessary requirement.

All lids for the gastronorm food storage containers are available to be purchased in and of the sizes of the pans which includes GN2/1, GN1/1, GN2/3, GN1/2, GN1/3, GN1/4, GN1/6 and all the way through to the smallest GN1/9!

Many of these lids are also notched for easy access of kitchen utensils, like ladles, spoodles and other pieces of essential kitchen equipment. This means that the lids for these gastronorms can be neatly placed on top of its food contents, as well as its specific utensil, without releasing any excess heat from inside. Not only does this help keep the food contents hot, even in the busiest moments of the kitchen service, but it also reduces cross contamination of food items by using the same utensil for different food items.

These lids can also be purchased in silicone seal versions, which are ideal for liquid contents. These specialised lids provide air-tight seal which will not only stop any spillages that can occur with the regular lids, especially with any liquid contents, but will also keep food products fresher for longer and therefore lower waste food products too.

Perforated Gastronorm Pans and Trays

To help with drainage, perforated gastronorm pans are also available. Ready for use in chip scuttles as well as for cutting meat, perforated gastronorm pans can be used with regular solid gastronorm pans in order to collect waste liquids and lessen cross-contamination within the kitchen area.

Ideally shaped for easy access in order to cut meats, or for anything else that you decide to use your perforated gastronorm for, these types of gastronorm are available in smaller perforated inserts which can be added to your existing solid gastronorm tray or pan.

In comparison to other pieces of perforated kitchen equipment, these wonderful perforated pans also allow for a quicker cleaning process as they reduce spillages and other leakages that would often occur in the everyday running of a kitchen, and therefore produce an overall cleaner kitchen area too.

Coloured Gastronorm Containers

Polypropylene containers can be purchased with either coloured clips or lids in order to accurately and efficiently label the food items inside. Available in a wide variety of colours, including red, blue, green and many others, these lids reduce the dotting process and provide a very easily seen visual on which products are out of date.

These coloured containers are also available in a purple allergen container which will aid the reduction of cross-contamination as well as accurately label allergen-specific food items for staff members. This will help provide an ease of use and a more efficient smooth running of the kitchen.

These coloured food storage containers can withstand temperatures of -40°C to +95°C too! Perfect for either hot or cold food storage!

Gastronorm Accessories

Gastronorms also come with a wide variety of accessories to suit individual kitchen needs.

The wire gastronorm pan stand is an accessory that can be used to serve, display and prepare food in an efficient and economical way. Perfect for displaying at buffets, the wire stand is robust and sturdy enough to withstand at the most 6 1/3 sized gastronorm pans due to its strong wire feet.

Adaptor bars can be purchased to separate individual gastronorm pans or trays from each other in your racking setup. This means that you can choose your own display of gastronorm containers with the adaptor bard helping to secure each pan or tray regardless of depth and or size.

For storage, accessories like lid storage racks can be purchased to save space and create a neat storage area for the lids of the gastronorm food storage containers. However, wall fitting prep units are also available to provide more surface space in more condensed kitchen spaces. These space-saving accessories are also a wonderful addition to your kitchen in order to reduce the health and safety risks of balancing different kinds of kitchen equipment on top of each other.

Other gastronorm accessories, for example tray racks and trolleys, are also available for easy access storage as well as aiding moving trays throughout the kitchen. Just take a look at our website and find which gastronorm product is best for you and your business!

Can I use gastronorm pans to display with?

Of course! Gastronorms are an incredibly versatile and unique container that is neat and organised enough to display in its stainless steel, polypropylene, porcelain or polycarbonate materials.

With the use of accessories like trolleys, wire racks, tray racks or any other of the various accessories mentioned above, these durable food storage containers are perfect for seasonal buffets, weddings, parties, or even just as a display of what your specific catering business has to offer!

However, if you want a little more visually stimulating displays which are perhaps more in keeping with your business aesthetic, gastronorm food storage containers are also available to purchase specifically for displaying food products. Some of these display gastronorm food containers include:

¼ size Polywicker Display Basket (26.5cm x 16cm x 7cm). Featuring a stainless-steel frame, this product is as robust and durable as its counterparts and is available in black as well as beige. These display gastronorms are available in a wide variety of sizes and depths too!

Like other gastronorms, the display baskets also come with some accessories, including the buffet riser which provides more table space on a buffet table as well as a more visually stimulating product placement. This is also available in a wide variety of sizes.

Gastronorms can also come as platters which delicately present food products in a beautiful way. Available in black and white, these platters are perfect for buffets and/or other areas where food products are arranged to entice, such as on display in a window or even next to the till! Some of the platters are also available in a wood effect pattern. Each platter can be purchased with a lid which will help keep food products fresher for longer.

Where can I purchase all of these different kinds of gastronorms?

On our website! Crosby’s stocks a wide variety of different kinds of gastronorms, everything from traditional stainless-steel full-sized trays, all the way to smaller polypropylene containers as well as display models and accessories!

All of your gastronorm needs and wants can be found by clicking on the ‘back of house’ section and then ‘drink and food storage’. And we usually dispatch your products within 48 hours!