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Make cooking and baking a breeze with our variety of cooking utensils and kitchen equipment. Nifty little gadgets like mashers, spoons, spatulas and more are on hand to aid you through cooking up a storm, helping you easily whip up a world-class meal. With many different options from some of the most trusted manufacturers, such as the highly-revered Genware, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to get behind the stove in no time, thanks to Crosby’s.

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Whether you’re making a meal for the whole family, batch cooking for the week, creating show-stopping bakes or firing up the barbecue, we know how important it is to have the right tools for the job - helping you save time and achieve a perfect result. Crosby’s proudly presents our vast range of kitchen essentials to help your commercial kitchen improve safety and enhance flavour easily and without fuss.

What utensils are used in cooking? 

The utensils you use when cooking depend entirely on your dish or bake. However, there are several stand-out items that no kitchen should ever go without, such as spoons (slotted and normal), spatulas, mashers, ladles and more. 

What are the best cooking utensils to use? 

Commercial kitchens' most popular cooking utensils are stainless steel or cast iron. Usually, they’re good conductors of heat and can withstand heavy 1 usage without tarnishing or breaking, so they are better suited for use in a busy catering environment. However, many kitchens prefer to opt for plastic or wooden spoons as they’re said to be less abrasive on cookware, preventing pots and pans from becoming scratched and losing their non-stick coatings through repeated scraping. Here at Crosby’s, we pride ourselves on offering the best stainless steel, plastic and polycarbonate cooking utensils on the market. Hence, it’s all down to personal preference when you shop our collection.