Hand Whisks & Pastry Brushes

Hand whisks and pastry brushes are some of the most important tools in the arsenal of budding and professional pastry chefs. Hand whisks are ideal for mixing small batches of wet and dry ingredients, removing lumps, aerating mixtures and whipping up perfect peaks, whilst our selection of fine bristled pastry brushes is the creme de la creme for basting and pasting egg wash, milk butter and more onto your bakes for that beautifully even golden brown bake. Brought to you by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, such as Genware, you know you’re receiving the best quality equipment for your catering setting each time you shop at Crosby’s.

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No baking set-up is complete without the essentials. Whether you need to beat an egg, whip up a batter or baste your bakes, a good quality whisk and pastry brush will never go amiss.

Is a metal or plastic whisk better?

In most cases, a metal whisk will be the better option as they’re durable and known for their longevity and ability to withstand heavy usage in high-traffic catering environments. The only time a plastic whisk will be considered the better option is if you’re using it with any non-stick cookware or bakeware, as it won’t scrape away any non-stick coating. 

What is a pastry brush used for? 


Pastry brushes are an extremely useful tool in your kitchen, presenting many different uses depending on what you’re making. In baking, pastry brushes may apply milk or egg wash to pastries, bread and muffins. When roasting meats, they can mop up juices and drippings from the pan and baste the meat to make the skin golden and crisp.