It’s vital that your business has all the necessary equipment to help your kitchen and staff work at their best. When working in the hospitality trade in a restaurant, bar or even a café, we all respect the differences and demands that come into play when we compare our trade to other industries. One of the first things you should consider when trying to improve the efficiency of your establishment and make life easier for your staff is a range of commercial warewashers.

But what even is a warewasher and how can you tell which one you should buy?

What is a commercial warewasher?

Commercial warewashers include under-the-counter, conveyor, door type and flight type models that can be the perfect tool for transforming your business.

A warewasher is simply another name for a dishwasher and is often associated primarily with commercial businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes. Essentially, a warewasher is an industrial dishwasher designed to wash, clean and sterilise glasses, plates and cutlery in mass volume to allow maximum efficiency in your business. Warewasher is simply a fancy bit of industry jargon used in the restaurant trade.

The term "warewasher" simply derives its name from a list of wares. Still doesn’t make sense? Well, this should clear things up a bit. Your ‘wares are things like dinnerware, flatware and glassware. The type of things that you see on your dinner tables and in restaurants.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic establishment is vital to the success of your business from both a staff and customer standpoint. Nobody wants to be eating from a dirty plate. Warewashers speed up the role of the manual dishwasher by offering a piece of equipment that washes plates, glasses, and cutlery in mass volume with a precision and sterilised clean each and every time. The only thing your dishwasher or porter is required to do now is load, unload and maybe give those plates a slight polish.

How can a commercial warewasher transform your business?

Ware washers can be the perfect piece of equipment to help your business excel and grow to the next level. Not only do they create efficiencies in the kitchen, but they also maintain hygiene and cleanliness for waiting and kitchen staff and, most importantly, your customers.

Health inspections can be stressful - and the results and outcomes that ensue can be even more so. A commercial warewasher can go a long way in securing those ticks on the health inspectors’ chart and establishing your business with a solid reputation for hygiene in your community. A good reputation with your customers is, of course, always good for business.

There are a few different types of warewashers that you should consider when looking to improve your kitchen - here are just a few of the main models and how they work.

Commercial dishwashers

Purchasing a commercial dishwasher is perhaps the best thing you will ever do for your business. Whether your restaurant or café is small-time or large, there’s a first-class range of commercial dishwashers available at Crosbys that will improve your kitchen. Offering a selection of high and low temperature washers to more technical conveyor-based units, Crosbys supplies kitchens all over the UK with fully accessible and easy-to-use, under-the-counter commercial dishwashers suitable for many areas of the hospitality trade. Dirty dishes will be a thing of the past - and fully sterilised, sparkling plates will amaze you with how beneficial they can be.

Cutlery dryers

Cutlery dryers are important because they sterilise, polish and remove spotting from the knives, forks and spoons that your customers eat from. Most cutlery dryers that are available at Crosbys are capable of cleaning between 3,000 and 8,000 pieces of cutlery per hour depending on the model you purchase. These figures highlight the possibilities when it comes to your business. Do you service weddings and large functions and struggle to deal with the cleaning requirements between courses? A cutlery dryer is a suitable option for your business.

Cutlery dryers include a temperature LCD gauge that allows you to change the temperature depending on the treatment you require. Our dryers are made from stainless steel and include chemical treatments that require refilling every so often to keep that flatware sparkling.

Commercial glasswashers

Commercial glasswashers offer wholesale reliability and bar efficiency when it comes to keeping the glassware in your business clean. You don't have to waste time using a busser or porter to polish glasses, as a glasswasher will steam and chemically treat all your glassware. Glasswashers effectively remove lipstick stains and efficiently clean your glasses, allowing them to be ready quicker for your customers.

Commercial glasswashers also possess extremely low running costs and clean with reliably efficient turnaround times - meaning that, if you work in a busy hotel or restaurant or even a small-scale bar, you will never have a shortage of glassware.

What do I need to consider when purchasing commercial warewasher equipment?

There are various worthy aspects of consideration when contemplating purchasing a commercial warewasher. Depending on the size of your kitchen and its layout, you are going to need to decide on a size in terms of rack size and cycle time. Another point of consideration should be the functionality of the washer. What’s the water and chemical usage? Is this model easy to maintain and unclog? Which manufacturer is right for my business?

Once you’ve considered all of the pricing, style, and functionality that a dishwasher can offer towards your business, the only thing left to do is make your purchase. Crosbys offers a wholesale selection of commercial warewashers from esteemed manufacturers including Sammic, Hobart and Classeq.

From your standard dishwasher to glasswashers and cutlery dryers, make sure you pick the most suitable warewasher for your business.