Commercial Dishwashers

A commercial dishwasher can be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Whether you work in the hospitality industry or a small-time café, the dishwasher can have so many benefits to your business that vastly exceed the cost of expenditure. When it comes to your glassware, flatware and plates, it’s important that you possess the most suitable equipment for you. Whether you’re looking to purchase a high and low temperature dishwasher or a more complex conveyor-based machine, this guide is here to help you out and give you the lowdown on all your warewashing needs.

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What is a commercial dishwasher?

What exactly is a commercial dishwasher? Obviously, we know this piece of machinery washes all our dishes and keeps them clean for our customers, but how do they work and what should we consider when purchasing a dishwasher for our businesses?

A commercial dishwasher is much larger than the one you may have at home in your kitchen as well as suited to dealing with higher capacities of crockery, the likes of which a restaurant may experience. Within the current hospitality and restaurant industry, many artisans are choosing to serve their food from increasingly bizarre plates, which makes washing them effectively, increasingly difficult.

Commercial dishwashers come in a range of sizes and shapes, some with specialities and focuses for dealing with more unique plates and crockery. The dishwashers that are available at Crosbys are available in a plethora of sizes, which means you should have no trouble fitting a new commercial dishwasher into the furniture or layout of your kitchen.

The dishwasher is different to your standard glasswasher because of the detergent and chemicals it uses to clean the dishes. Commercial dishwashers are available with operational temperatures of varying heat depending on your business requirements. Crosbys collaborates with only the leading names in the industry with a wholesale selection of ware washing equipment from brands like Hobart, Classeq and Sammic, to name a few.

What do we mean when we say ware washing equipment?

Ware washing equipment is simply the equipment we use to wash our wares. And when we say wares, we mean our kitchenware, our glassware, our plate ware and our flatware, i.e. our cutlery.

This type of equipment can come in the form of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers as well as cutlery dryers. Ware washing equipment is usually found within the hospitality industry in places like bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels and is an amazing way of improving efficiency in your workforce as well as providing a way of cleaning wares effectively and quickly.

Crosbys sells a multitude of ware washing equipment from counter top glasswashers in a range of sizes to under-the-counter dishwashers in both conveyor and high and low temperature models.

What are the different types of commercial dishwasher available?

There are a few different types of commercial dishwasher to consider when choosing a piece of ware washing equipment from Crosbys. The decision you make will depend entirely on your business and how much demand for clean plates you have. When assessing the following options, you should consider the size of your business, the number of guests you serve a day as well as the space in your kitchen to place a fully functioning commercial dishwasher.

Are there going to be further expenses needed to train staff using a dishwasher? Will it cause disruption and is it necessary? Here are just a few dishwashers to consider for your restaurant:

High vs. low temperature dishwashers

High and low temperature dishwashers are the two main considerations to make when purchasing a piece of ware washing equipment. Although high temperature dishwashers are effectively more difficult to install, they are more efficient compared to low temperature dishwashers that require ongoing attention in the form of detergent and sanitisation. Let’s take a closer look.

High temperature dish washers operate at around 150-160 degrees with a rinse temperature of roughly 180 degrees. This means that the dishes and plate ware are sterilised and clean because of the sheer temperature that’s in operation. When purchasing a high temperature dishwasher, you should consider the fact that you’ll be required to purchase a high temperature hood for your device and so add more expenditure to the initial purchase.

However, once you get a high temperature dishwasher up and running, the maintenance is low and you aren’t required to fill sanitizer every two minutes. Dishes will also dry faster once they’re out of cycle and won’t be damaged by the chemical detergents that are necessary with a low temperature dishwasher.

The low temperature dishwasher operates at almost 30 degrees cooler than its higher counterpart and does not require a hood. This means it’s more suited for installation and finding space in kitchens that are perhaps on the smaller side. Although low temperature dishwashers require ongoing treatment and further expenditure when it comes to chemical detergents, the balance levels out overall when it comes to comparing high and low temperature models.

When purchasing chemical sanitizers for your ware washing equipment, you should always seek advice on the correct option to take as a means to not damage your plates and glasses.

Conveyor dishwashers

A conveyor dishwasher is the crème de la crème of ware washing equipment. Available in both high and low temperature models, the conveyor dishwasher is used to cater for much larger operations where thousands of plates and dishes are required to be cleaned in a short space of time.

Operations that may use a conveyor dishwasher are the likes of schools, corporate event caterers, hospitals and other large catering events. Although relatively easy to maintain, expenditure does increase upon installation, as the complex nature of the conveyor dishwasher requires an electrician to wire in the components of the machine.

The conveyor belt that’s used in this type of ware washer allows for a faster cycle and is capable of cleaning and sanitising up to 1,000 racks of plates per day. The speed of the cycle means money is saved on energy and it offers an efficient option for your business. Despite all of these benefits, the conveyor dishwasher is a large piece of equipment, and the space available in your kitchen should always be considered before you purchase.

Door type and rack dishwashers

The door type dishwasher is essentially a smaller scale and more economically efficient version of the conveyor dishwasher. Available in both high and low temperature models, the door type can process up to 350 racks of plates a day and is perfect for restaurants and businesses that serve up to 100 guests per night.

The rack dishwasher works through the insertion of a rack of dishes into the space and lowering of the stainless steel cube around the plates so that the water and detergent can clean and sterilise the plates. The cleaning cycle of a door type dishwasher can be finished in seconds, but this means it requires a member of staff on hand to unload and reload the dishwasher as well as re-shelve and re-dry the dishes.

Similarly to the conveyor belt type, the door type dishwasher remains a hefty piece of equipment and still requires an electrician to come and set it up. However, once installed, it's perfect for housing in the corner of a kitchen or an adjoining preparation room.

Under-the-counter dishwashers

The undercounter dishwashers are tidy pieces of equipment that offer a cost-effective and efficient approach for smaller businesses. Most suited to small restaurants as well as cafes, this piece of ware washing equipment sits nicely under a counter and has a similar one-door opening system to a commercial glasswasher.

Capable of cleaning and sanitising up to 20 to 30 racks of dishes at one time, this model is perfect for creating an efficient chain from dirty plates to available clean plate ware. Although the cycle time is slightly longer than the high temperature and conveyor dishwasher, businesses that use this model don’t have the necessity or demand for plates that the conveyor belt’s businesses do.

Crosbys is your number one distributor and expert of high-quality ware washing equipment. Whether it’s a high or low temperature dishwasher or more complex conveyor system, our experts are on hand to give advice and guidance on the best solution for you. Selling from a range of brands, Crosbys is the best in the business when it comes to your commercial kitchen needs.

What businesses can benefit from a commercial dishwasher?

Many businesses can benefit from possessing a solid set of ware washing equipment at their establishment, but the most used destination is the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a large-scale hotel, cafeteria, school or corporate event organiser, there’s a commercial dishwasher to suit you.

Smaller restaurants, gastro pubs and family-run cafes can also benefit from purchasing a small-scale door-style dishwasher that creates an efficient cleaning process for their dishes and allows for a more cost-efficient, eco-friendly system within the business.

How can a commercial dishwasher transform your business?

Purchasing a commercial dishwasher can transform your business in more ways than one. The main way your business will change is through efficiency and growth. A commercial dishwasher allows dishes to be cleaned, sanitised, dried and re-shelved much quicker than before, enabling you to serve more guests and speed up your service each night. In turn, this will lead to growth and customer satisfaction - and, depending on what temperature you choose for washing the dishes, a reduction in water bills and a benefit to the environment through saved energy.

Secondly, commercial dishwashers also provide a safeguarded health and safety solution that is unavailable from a manual dishwasher. Owing to the chemical detergents and high temperature rinses, you can be guaranteed of a high standard of clean every cycle. Passing a hygiene inspection is a weight off your shoulders for any restaurant owner, but it’s also great for business and your reputation within the local community.

What to look for in a commercial dishwasher?

When purchasing a commercial dishwasher, you should look out for a few things. What’s the energy and water usage of this piece of equipment? What sort of detergent do I need to ensure that my dishes and glassware are left undamaged following every cycle and what dishwasher should I buy?

When considering these variables, you should look at the different elements of each dishwasher in line with the size and potential of your business. There’s no getting away from the expenditure that comes with purchasing a dishwasher, but would the short-term fix of a door-type dishwasher encourage the growth that could be delivered by purchasing a conveyor-style model?

When it comes to dishwashers, Crosbys has the industry on lockdown. With many years of experience delivering and advising restauranteurs about dishwashers, glasswashers and a whole host of ware washing equipment, our staff know how to get the best out of your business.

With products from an exceptional range of industry-leading brands like Classeq, Hobart, and Sammic, you can be sure you are purchasing a solid piece of equipment that will not depreciate and will transform your business in more ways than one.