Commercial Cutlery Dryers

Commercial cutlery dryers can clean, sterilise and remove watermarks from 3,000 to 8,000 pieces of cutlery per hour. There are many floor-standing and tabletop cutlery dryers available from Sammic at Crosbys to improve the efficiency and hygiene of your hospitality establishment as well as a superb selection of warewashing units and chemical maintenance detergents.

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Cutlery dryers offer the perfect solution when it comes to cleaning your cutlery for your restaurant or café. Crosbys delivers a selection of state-of-the-art cutlery dryers from brands like Sammic and Hobart. These dryers can maintain your knives, forks, and spoons in pristine condition, free from dirt, food and unwanted watermarks.

Available in a range of styles and functionalities, the Sammic cutlery dryer is available in both standing and tabletop models designed to be adaptable to all kitchens, whether you work in a busy hotel restaurant or a small café. Our dryers offer a hygienic solution for your business, creating efficiencies with regard to your staff as well as providing a more hygienic and first-class experience for your customers.

Cutlery drying models are capable of sterilising between 3,000 and 8,000 pieces an hour, depending on the demand and scale of your kitchen.

What is a cutlery dryer?

Cutlery dryers are more than what their name suggests. Yes, they dry your cutlery and leave it free from water stains, grubby marks and odour, but they also do so much more than that when it comes to improving the efficiency and job satisfaction of your staff.

The cutlery dryer may seem like a costly addition to your kitchen that doesn’t justify the expenditure. However, it’s a vital piece of warewashing equipment that you’ll never regret buying.

Our cutlery dryers are made rigorously using formidable stainless steel perfect for insulation and encouraging sterilising and the hygienic cleaning of your cutlery. Using a rounded carousel, the dryer vibrates and allows your cutlery to rub against fine chemical grains that polish to perfection. A rounded cutlery carousel is also featured within the unit to prevent any costly blockages that can occur through knives slipping through the grate and jamming the machinery.

Crosbys Sammic cutlery dryers are built to be easily maintained and treated by all members of staff. When it comes to replenishing the chemical detergent or setting the temperature, it couldn’t be simpler. Our cutlery dryers use a digital gauge to determine temperature and show how valuable they can be when you discover the pristine sparkle of the finished product.

How can a cutlery dryer benefit my business?

A cutlery dryer can benefit your business in more ways than just offering assurances that your cutlery is cleaner than that of all the other business on the block. A cutlery dryer can create a more efficient kitchen, allowing cutlery to be cleaned and turned around faster, thus enabling you to serve more covers and host larger functions across a night of service.

Secondly, all of the waiting staff out there are obviously disgruntled with having to wash and polish endless amounts of cutlery. A cutlery dryer can free your staff up from this arduous task, allowing them to focus on other areas of their roles and perform with a smile.

Last but not least, a cutlery dryer can help provide you with the necessary tools to pass all the health and safety checks that come your way. Let’s have a more in-depth look at how a cutlery dryer can benefit your business with some especially important areas of benefit:

Health and safety

When it comes to a health and safety inspection, a lot of stress can be placed on the kitchen manager and bar staff to make sure that the kitchen and bar pass with flying colours. Possessing a cutlery dryer in your business shows that you're proactive in maintaining health and safety for staff and customers. It also indicates that you are serious about going above and beyond to offer hygienic cutlery that is both sterilised and steamed as well as free from any unsavoury and long-lasting watermarks.

Passing a health and safety inspection can do wonders for your reputation among diners in the local community and maybe even the Michelin star board.

Happy customers

Happy customers are vital to the success of your business as well as the satisfaction of your staff. Most customers understand the pressures that waiting and kitchen staff are under during a busy service with many having worked in a bar or restaurant themselves. After purchasing a cutlery dryer, you’ll be receiving zero complaints from customers about dirty knives and forks, which means fewer negative reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.

The main thing that the customer will be judging you on is the food - but, who knows, if you can please someone and gain an extra customer who loves cleanliness, you’re onto a winner.

More efficient staff

An efficient and happy workforce can do wonders for your business, as it means that all of your staff are pulling in the same direction to achieve one common goal.

However, when you delegate a staff member onto cutlery-polishing duty, it can really throw the spanner in the works for their job satisfaction. Once they’ve cleaned 100 bits of cutlery, a manual cleaner will start to get tired and cut corners, resulting in water stains and marks on the cutlery. THIS

Free up your staff to deliver more customer-facing tasks and employ a cutlery dryer to save the day. A Sammic cutlery dryer available from Crosbys can clean between 3,000 and 8,000 pieces of cutlery per hour, only requiring maintenance for detergent restoration every couple of months. That is an impressive level of efficiency.

More covers across service

The previous statistic of 8,000 pieces an hour sounds like heaven to the ears of kitchen staff everywhere. You no longer have to contend with hours of standing at a sink while burning your hand in vinegar water or sliding a tea towel across the edge of a spoon.

Possessing a cutlery dryer in your locker can allow you to grow as a business as your availability to turn around a table or service speeds up. Whether you are looking after a large banqueting hall that caters to weddings and large events or you own a smaller restaurant, it always helps to be able to serve as many customers as possible throughout each service.

What types of business benefit from a cutlery dryer?

There are a few different businesses that can benefit from owning a cutlery dryer, but most of them operate within the hospitality industry. Cutlery dryers are perfect for hotels and restaurants that serve large functions - such as weddings, christenings or corporate events that require quick turnaround of cutlery for numerous courses.

Rather than waiting on staff to polish and clean your cutlery, you can leave a piece of ware washing equipment to clean up to 8,000 pieces of cutlery an hour. Amazingly, a ware washer can be operated by any member of staff regardless of their skill level. Whether you are the sous chef or the kitchen porter, all it takes is some detergent and a quick turn of the temperature gauge, and you’re up and running. Here are a few areas of the hospitality trade where businesses may benefit.

  • Hotels and banqueting suites
  • Wedding venues and corporate events
  • Chain restaurants
  • Small family restaurants
  • Cafés
  • On-site kitchens for construction yards or businesses
  • Schools, colleges and universities

What are the different types of commercial cutlery dryer that are available?

When it comes to purchasing a cutlery dryer for your business, there are a few different things to consider and it always helps to understand how the technology works to determine which style of cutlery dryer will benefit your business the most.

First of all, we should consider the layout of your kitchen and what style of ware washer you need. Is it a standard counter top dryer or do you require a free-standing unit that’s more accessible for staff and employees?

Cutlery dryers work by sifting the cutlery through a chemical grain using vibrations to subtly scrape the dirt and watermarks from the knives, forks and spoons, delivering a highly technical polishing and abrasion treatment. This means that a lot of vibration is involved, so it’s always good to consider how sturdy your work surfaces are and whether or not to purchase a self-standing unit.

Depending on what Sammic cutlery dryer you purchase from Crosbys, whether it’s a tabletop or floor standing unit, you may want to consider a cutlery dryer with a motor brake and an outlet fan to help prevent overheating when polishing large volumes of cutlery.

Visit the Crosbys website today to discover the range of floor standing and counter top cutlery dryers available for purchase.

Are cutlery dryers more efficient than employees?

When considering your first purchase of a cutlery dryer or a piece of ware washing equipment, we understand that it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, cutlery dryers can be a costly addition to your kitchen, but the benefits will far outweigh the expenditure once you start reaping the economies of scale with this piece of equipment.

You’re probably wondering whether it’s more suitable to stick with the methods you’ve always known and leave staff to spend endless hours cleaning and polishing your cutlery. Think about the time spent by your staff cleaning cutlery and consider if the job is even completed to the standard you want it to reach anyway. A cutlery dryer polishes and cleans up to 8,000 pieces of cutlery an hour, with the same quality standard across each and every piece of cutlery.

When it comes to the amount of flatware within your restaurant, it is said that a restaurant or bar seating around 100 people will possess around 1,500-2,000 pieces of cutlery. Now, let’s say that you do two services a day with 100 people per service; this makes for around 4,000 pieces of cutlery that need to be cleaned, polished, checked and prepared to be made ready for service. This doesn't include knives and forks that your pesky waiters drop on the floor.

Now, when we’re considering whether a waiter or porter is more efficient than a cutlery or flatware dryer, we’ll take this statistic all day long: 8,000 pieces of flatware in less than an hour. An expensive cost for a huge reward.

Is it worth investing in a commercial cutlery dryer from Crosbys?

Now that we’ve established the worth of purchasing a cutlery dryer to clean and polish your flatware, the only thing left to do is buy one. We’ve established that a cutlery dryer can improve the hygiene of your kitchen while also enhancing general job satisfaction as well as acting as a catalyst for growth within your business. Take the leap and purchase some reliable ware washing equipment - or, if you already own a ware washer, why not purchase a more contemporary model?

Many retailers offer ware washing equipment for your business, but none come close to the quality delivery and customer service available at Crosbys.

Offering a contemporary range of counter top and free-standing cutlery dryers from standard to newer models, one of our experienced team members would be happy to help you choose a unit that would be suitable for your business or restaurant. Our ware washers are made by nothing but the best manufacturers in the world from brands such as Sammic, Hobart and Classeq. Order today.