Commercial glasswashers are perfect for cleaning and sterilising your glassware in bulk and offer the perfect solution for improving the efficiency of your business. Crosbys offers a range of warewashing units from leading brands like Sammic, Hobart and Classeq suitable for your kitchen. Whether it’s a counter-based, free-standing or multi-rack glasswasher you require, we’ve got your back.

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When looking to make improvements to your bar or restaurant, it’s good to purchase a solid piece of warewashing equipment to allow your kitchen and bar to become more efficient and increase the job satisfaction of your staff.

In addition to dishwashers and cutlery dryers, Crosbys also offers a multitude of fit-for-purpose commercial glasswashers manufactured by some of the industry’s most established brands such as SammicClasseq and Hobart.

A commercial glasswasher can go a long way in improving the quality of your business and ensuring that all your glassware, whether it’s a pint glass or a champagne flute, is kept sparkling, steamed and unmarked throughout the busy dinner time and evening services that your restaurant delivers.

What is a commercial glasswasher?

A commercial glasswasher is a state-of-the-art piece of warewashing equipment used to speed up the process of cleaning and sterilising glasses in preparation for polishing. A glasswasher is used to improve kitchen efficiency and designed to make the life a barman or cocktail maker easier. Instead of requiring an extra pair of hands to wash glasses throughout the shift as well as dry and polish, the glasswasher works automatically to clean and sanitise glassware quickly and effectively across each cycle.

The size and scale of your business will determine what glasswasher is suitable for your business, but Crosbys offers many free-standing, counter-based and double rack models that are perfect for a multitude of glasses. Simply load up the glasswasher and wait for the machine to do its magic. Once the cycle is complete, you’ll have a full tray of clean and sterilised glasses to use immediately for service.

A glasswasher is perfect for those busy city bars and restaurants when the punters all roll in at once and you’re overwhelmed by the demand for pint glasses or champagne flutes. The glasswasher is a reliable piece of equipment to improve the performance and sustain the growth of your bar as well as make savings on water and energy with environmentally friendly ware washing equipment.

Replacing detergent is the only time your glasswasher will ever require maintenance. A glasswasher is simple to use for all members of your team, no matter how experienced or technical they are.

What types of glasswasher are available from Crosbys?

There are various models and sizes of commercial glasswasher to consider when it comes to buying a piece of ware washing equipment. Because you’re spending a lot of money, you want to feel comfortable in the knowledge that you have made the right decision and picked the product that’s most suitable to the style and size of your business.

All of the commercial glasswashers and ware washing equipment available at Crosbys are manufactured by some of the leading brands and experts in the industry. When buying from Crosbys, you will be buying products from the likes of Hobart, Classeq and Sammic. 

Here are just a few models of glasswasher that you should consider.

A small glasswasher is perfect for family-owned or commercial coffee shops and cafés and capable of cleaning up to 12 pint glasses per cycle. Crosbys smaller glasswashers are available in both under-the-counter and counter top models.

Medium Glasswashers are more suited to larger business that possess a bit more space in the kitchen. A medium commercial glasswasher has a larger entry point and basket, thus creating a more suitable piece of machinery for taller pint glasses as well as an assortment of wine flutes and those uniquely-shaped cocktail glasses.

Large commercial glasswashers are perfect for those large-scale catering events and huge weddings. Although slightly more expensive, a large glasswasher can cater to up to 25 pint glasses per cycle and is most suited to larger businesses that need a wealth of glasses cleaned within a quick turnaround. One potential business that would use a large glasswasher would be a pub or a popular city nightclub.

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, a manual glass brush washer can be a halfway house solution to your issues. Rather than offering fully automated glass sterilising cycles, the brush glasswasher is most suited to mobile events or adding another step to a company's glass-cleaning procedure before or following a cycle through the glasswasher.

Who in your business can benefit from a commercial glasswasher?

A glasswasher can wholeheartedly improve the efficiency of your business as well as enhance hygiene standards and benefitting your staff in more ways than one. Whether you’re a head barman or a cocktail waiter, a waitress who is rushed off her feet or a customer with a lipstick-stained glass, a commercial glasswasher has multiple benefits that can transform your bar, pub, restaurant or hotel. Here’s just a small summary of how a commercial glasswasher can benefit your employee's job satisfaction:

Bar staff and mixologists

A commercial glasswasher can not only improve efficiency behind the bar and improve a customer’s dining experience but also improve the job satisfaction of your bar staff and cocktail mixologists.

Let’s give a few examples. It’s a busy Friday night and you’re one barman short. The queue at the bar is four-deep but you’re running out of pint glasses for every customer. Your glass collector only has so many hands and the glasses are stacking up well across the bar. What do you do?

A commercial glasswasher can be quickly loaded with between 30 and 50 glasses at a time, operating with a standard cycle time of roughly 15 minutes. This means you can wash up to 200 glasses an hour and provide clean glassware to your pint-thirsty customers.

Waiting staff

There’s always a relentless debate between waiting and bar staff surrounding who has the most complicated and stressful job. A piece of contemporary ware washing equipment from Crosbys will go a long way in improving the happiness of your waiters and improving efficiency between the bar and table servers.

Some customers love complaining, and a common complaint seems to arise again and again when a customer discovers lipstick on the rim of the wine glass. This must get tiresome for waiters, and it’s also embarrassing because it diminishes the reputation of your restaurant when it comes to hygiene standards.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to manually remove lipstick stains from each glass, but a commercial glasswasher saves the day by using stain-removing chemical detergents to help polish and transform glasses and remove lipstick stains across every cycle. A pristine and sparkling glass will always reflect well on the business with regard to new and regular customers.


When a customer enters your bar or restaurant, whether it be the first or fifth time, they’re always hoping that their customer experience is going to be as good as the last. Obviously, the main thing is that tasty food is served and the cocktails are delicious, but the little things go a long way in improving the reputation of your business and growing the scope of your restaurant. This is where a glasswasher comes in.

You don’t want customers saying the likes of "oh, yeah, the food was great, but the glasses were dirty" or "I bought a cocktail and there were lipstick stains all over it."

In the current social media climate, people love Instagramming pictures of their fancy cocktails and showing off to their friends. It may seem like we’re reaching a bit here, but the more people you have advertising your sparkling clean glassware on the social platforms, the more people and potential customers who are going to discover your business.

Purchase an amazing piece of commercial glass washing equipment, from a range of models and styles, as a means of keeping your glasses sparkling, running costs low and efficiency at its peak.

Do I need a commercial glasswasher as well as a dishwasher?

You may think that a glasswasher and dishwasher are near enough the same, but when it comes to ware washing equipment, there are a lot of fine nuances that you should learn. Even though you may already possess a dishwasher, buying a glasswasher is necessary to preserving your glasses as well as adding that next level of quality to your business.

Commercial glasswashers work by filling the basket and internal areas with water and a mixture of chemical detergent that helps clean and sterilise the glasses following their use. To get the best from your glasses and kitchenware, you must treat each section differently and use the correct chemicals and detergents.

Glasses are required to be cleaned at a much lower temperature than plates, pots and pans. Washing a piece of glassware at too high a temperature is what causes unnecessary cracks, scratches and thermal shock, which can lead to glass spontaneously shattering.

When washing glassware, you should always operate the commercial glasswasher at a temperature between 50 and 55 Celsius to ensure that you’re treating your glassware in the best way possible. Additionally, glasswashers and dishwashers require unique treatments and chemicals to ensure they aren’t damaged during cycle.

If you’re wondering what the best products or chemicals are to suit your ware washing equipment, you should consider giving Crosbys a call for some free advice surrounding your glasswasher or ware washing equipment.

Are commercial glasswashers difficult to maintain?

Commercial glasswashers are exceptionally easy to maintain and don’t require that much attention. As long as you keep an eye on the chemical detergent levels and ensure that the washer is operating at a suitable temperature, you should have no trouble benefitting from your Crosbys ware washing machine.

Across most glasswashers, the detergent is often stored below the glasswasher and is connected to the machine via a small tube that receives and injects the treatment into the machine. It couldn’t be simpler to change the detergent, all you’re required to do is place the small pipe in the entrance of the new bottle and you’re away.

Once you’ve got the hang of your new glasswasher, it’s always a good idea to explain to other members of your team how to use the glasswasher to ensure optimal performance. A commercial glasswasher has reasonably low running costs and is efficient in the sense that it washes, sterilises and cleans multiple glasses at one.

Crosbys commercial glasswashers

Commercial glasswashers are a perfect addition to your restaurant, pub, or bar. When considering purchasing a glasswasher, you should always consider the questions and answers that we have detailed in this article.

Crosbys sells a professional range of contemporary commercial glasswashers from a selection of the world’s leading brands. Whether it’s a small, medium or large piece of ware washer equipment you require, Crosbys has the knowledge and expertise to help find a product that matches the requirements and goals of your business.