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Coffee Mugs 04/12/2017
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Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather, in winter it’s wonderful to stock up on essentials and take a seat in front of a warm fire.   Crosbys have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect equipment for your evening. A browse through our website can lead you to every item needed for a cosy night in – no matter how many people are joining you!     We currently have an extra special online offer of 30% off the popular Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of glassware. Designed to enhance... Read More


3rd Annual Catering Insight Awards

Last week we were in Newcastle at the North East England Tourism Awards 2017, sponsoring & presenting an award.  This week we travelled to London, to attend the Catering Insight Awards as a nominee. The black-tie event held in central London was attended by over 300 distributors & suppliers, with a total of 15 awards, all entirely industry voted. It meant a lot to us to be back there this year, after the excitement of last year when we sadly returned without a trophy.. The Catering Insight Distributor of the... Read More

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World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day is on 25th October, and yes… it’s a big deal. It’s been argued over centuries, despite popular belief, that pasta does not originate from Italy. Many arguments have been presented including that Marco Polo discovered pasta on a journey to China & returned with the discovery in 1271. Since the origin of pasta (whenever it may be), over 600 different types have been created – meaning there is thousands of different combinations of meals which can be produced with pasta. That being said, here are Crosbys absolute... Read More

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How to properly style your Halloween event.

This year has gone so fast & here at Crosbys we are preparing for winter! Halloween is right around the corner & if you’re struggling to theme your restaurant, bar or house for the occasion, don’t worry! Novelty food is one of the best parts of Halloween & it’s what most people look forward to (besides dressing up as zombies) when it comes to the day. It is often very difficult to cater for the event since there are so many common practices, many people struggle to be original. That... Read More


Crosbys’ New Website is Now Live!

We’ve kicked off 2017 with a brand new look! We’re always striving to improve what we do at Crosbys and this year, we’ve started with our website. Here are some of the improvements that have been made to make your shopping smooth and enjoyable. You’re Hired! Due to the recent success of our website and the increased amount of customers, we’ve taken on a Digital Marketing Apprentice to help improve our digital presence even further. Over the next year we’ll be adding new and exciting products to the website, producing... Read More


Restaurant Loyalty – Turn a Satisfied Customer into a Loyal Customer.

Will a loyalty scheme help you to engage with & learn from your customers? Will it give them a reason to return while helping you to build your business? There are various types of loyalty schemes around, those which offer discounts & offers in return for an email address, some which offer a freebie after a number of visits and others which are an annual membership for a small fee with discounts across various chains. Some restaurants use forms ask for feedback, and will then use your details to email... Read More


Restaurants and Pubs are making a FORTUNE using this Pokemon Go trick

If you haven’t heard about it by now, where have you been this past month?!. Making a leap from the 90s, Pokemon Go is fast becoming the worlds biggest mobile game and has become a gold mine for pubs and restaurants throughout the UK. If you’re not familiar with how the game works, here’s a quick breakdown: • Using a map of the real world, the player has to physically walk around the streets searching for Pokemon. • If the player bumps into a. Pokemon, it’s shown on the screen and... Read More

Rational Oven 20/06/2016

Rational Product Demonstration – 8th July 2016

At Crosbys, we have a working kitchen where we regularly showcase the latest equipment from brands such as Rational, Robot Coupe and Frima. On the 8th July 2016, we’re playing host to a fully trained professional chef who will be taking you through everything there is to know about Rational Combination Ovens. The Rational Representative will be able to answer any questions you might have when it comes to using the oven, including the revolutionary 5 Senses system. There’s also plenty of free Tea and Coffee and you’ll get the... Read More


Lincat Opus 800 – Lincat Set to Reveal Brand New Equipment Range

Lincat has always been a company known for its reliable products, up-to-date innovative ideas and fantastic customer service. This month, Lincat is continuing its investment into the future of Catering Equipment with a brand new cooking suite. The Opus 800 Cooking Suite range is due for release later this year as part of product development plans from Lincat. The new 80 strong Opus 800 range is a result of feedback and improvements on the high successful Opus 700 cooking suite. The Opus 700 range was first launched back in 1999... Read More

Rational Oven 26/02/2016

Rational Oven Cleaning Guide – Your Questions Answered

The Rational range of Combination ovens are some of the most intelligent machines available in the catering industry. We’ve provided an easy to follow guide for cleaning and maintaining your Rational Oven answering many of the questions we get on a daily basis from our customers. How often should I clean the Rational Oven? Your Rational Oven should be cleaned every day with the Rational Cleaning Tablets. This helps to prevent food building up, maintains the high quality of the stainless steel and to help avoid break downs. Failure to... Read More