Be Prepared Because It Won’t Stay Quiet For Long

Christmas might be over, so things may seem a little quieter in the catering world, but it won’t stay quiet for long. Soon Spring will be here and it will be time for weddings and outdoor parties before you know it. Those in the industry will know a busy time is always around the corner, so getting ahead of the competition with new equipment is key.

Looking For Something More Specific? We have it!

For those with a little more time or specific products in mind, then Crosby’s also offer a wide range of products to suit every department. For front of house, presentation is always important. Unique items such as a serving cone can add a fun feel to serving side dishes such as chips.

The Right Glassware Is So Important

Glassware is also a key part of presentation, whether it’s classic or something a little different.   The table setting can instantly show the feel of a restaurant or a business, and with so much choice it’s not hard to get it right!

Fun, Fun, Fun

Fun is better for parties, although that is surely obvious to everyone! So colourful barware is always a go to. Of course, it all depends on the style of the party. Glass rimmers and neon straws may not be so ideal for a christening, but very elegant table settings probably aren’t the best for hen parties.

The Back of House Toolkit

For the back of house, the right toolkit is important to allow you to produce the best food possible. First off, chef’s clothes! In a hot kitchen, you need to keep cool and be able to move freely so the classic chef’s clothes are perfect. Crosby’s offer everything from hats to aprons and everything in between to make sure you look your best when cooking your best!

All The Utensils You’ll Ever Need

Next it’s time to focus on utensils. First off, knives! Good knives last for years, but there comes a time when new ones are needed. There are many different types, especially if you are new to the chef business, it can be hard to know what to get. Start with the essentials, a pairing knife, slicing knife, a classic chef’s knife and a serrated knife such as a bread knife are great starters for your kit. If you are new to the industry, then check out Crosby’s student essentials to help you get on your way!

Whether you’re a full-time chef, work with a catering company or are just starting out, getting the right products for you and your business are essential. They can help you work better and help you produce better outcomes, whether it be in your front of house presentation or your back of house preparations.

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