Get perfect presentation with olive wood boards

One of the most common phrases when it comes to food is that you eat with your eyes. This is certainly true in the restaurant and catering industry. If your diners are going to get the best eating experience, then presentation is key.

Serving boards are a great way of being interesting with your presentation. Plates are standard, everyone owns them and uses them every day, when people dine out they want something different. So give them something different! The Olive wood serving boards available from Crosby’s are a beautiful and different way of presenting your food. They are made from olive wood and are finished with wax as to not effect any of the food. Each piece is hand-made so they are all different in look which gives another level to the boards themselves. As for the practical side, there are nine styles of board to choose from, each offering a different use and serving option.

Standard platters

These boards range in size from 35cm to 50cm, meaning they are great for shared starters or just serving main courses on. They come in a curved rectangular shape, which is pleasing on the eye. Ideal for platters of all kinds, they add a little extra something to what you are serving up.

Handle boards

These boards look beautiful. They are ideal for serving selections of cured meats as starters or meats such as ham or pork as main courses. The shape is very similar to that of a joint of meat, meaning it keeps a theme within the presentation, and although it is subtle people will notice. These boards are also great for serving from, so even just drinks could be served from these, as the handle proves waiting staff with extra security.

Steak boards

These are perfect for serving any meat, as they have a rim around the edge to catch any juices. Steak is a lot of restaurant’s most popular dishes, and rightly so; it deserves to be served up in style! Crosby’s offer two sizes of steak board, 35cm and 40cm, meaning that there is a size to suit every cut of meat.

Of course, boards and platters are not the only things to consider when thinking about presentation. Olive wood dipping bowls are also available which would really help to finish off the look of the table and by using the same style of place setting, it adds continuity to the table. The dipping bowls can be used in other ways too, such as finger bowls if serving food like ribs, or simple as decoration. The bread serving dish is perfect for serving, not only baguettes, but breadsticks, or even condiments. Getting creative is part of the fun.

If food is presented well then people will enjoy their meal more, so it is an important aspect not to overlook. Presentation can often be just as important as taste, so choosing products like the olive wood ones can really help you stand out from the crowd.

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