The essentials needed to serve delicious food

Crockery is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. Having a good kit to make your delicious food and then not having good crockery to serve it on would be a disaster! That’s why making sure you have everything you need before you start is so essential.


Plates are such a standard part of any kitchen, used for everything from starters to desserts, but they don’t need to be the simple white plates you always see. Of course, these are fantastic, simple, elegant and perfect for serving most things, but that might not be the style you’re after. For a new take on the classic white plate, why not try the Porcelite squared plates. If you’d like something even more unique, then why not try new shapes or different colours to set your crockery apart. GenWare have a range of beautiful and different crockery, called Luna, that is perfect if you’d like to stand out in your front of house. While you could serve anything of your choice on them, these plates are ideal for serving Asian or Mediterranean flavours.


Perfect for everything from soups to salads, puddings to sides, bowls allow you to serve up a variety of things, but they don’t need to all look the same for everything that you can serve in them. Porcelite do a great range of different shapes including conical and the Verona bowls, these are fantastic for serving side salads or side dishes such as chips. You can get different bowls fit for specific purposes such as rice and soup, and of course a key in any restaurant, pasta bowls!

Mugs and jugs

The after-dinner coffee should never be forgotten about, so a good range of mugs will help to finish the meal off perfectly. Whether it’s espresso or cappuccino, getting the right mugs couldn’t be simpler. Having saucers will give the mugs a nice touch. A coffee jug or teapot is a good option if you are serving simple plain coffee or tea that can be refilled, as it provides the customer with the option of having more than one serving. Jugs are always useful for serving cream or custard for desserts or for serving milk with hot drinks, and larger jugs can be used for serving water. Sauce boats incredibly useful as well, for individual servings of gravy and other sauces.


Crockery doesn’t just mean plates and bowls. Smaller accompanying pieces will complete your front of house and bring everything together. Sometimes having more unique items to serve food in will also make the whole meal more enjoyable, Porcelite do a range of mini crockery which would be perfect for adding something new to the table. Some items, such as salt and pepper shakers, are a staple in every restaurant and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked, but little extras like dip trays, food plinths and butter pots will really just add that perfect finishing touch to your tables.

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