What do student chefs need for the restaurant world?

If you’re thinking about getting into the catering industry or you are already learning the tricks of the trade, then one way of ensuring you do the very best you can is with the right kit. Just as an art student needs their pens and pencils, any new chef needs a good set of equipment.


Knives can be very expensive, especially good ones. It’s well known that students don’t have the most money in the world, so finding good, yet affordable, knives is essential. Crosby’s provides an excellent selection of knives ideal for students just starting out. They provide the building blocks to your knife collection and will ensure you are able to make brilliant recipes every time. GenWare offer a range of fantastic and affordable knives, with a great selection including paring knives, boning knives, chef’s knives, filleting knives and slicing knives. They can be purchased individually or bought as a 7, 10 or 12 piece set which includes a case, ideal for those just starting out!


Chef’s whites are iconic. To really make any new student feel right at home in the kitchen, it’s important to get a good fitting uniform to make sure you are comfortable and can move freely and easily in a hot and busy kitchen. Loose fitting trousers are also important in aiding free movement, and are available in plain white or checked. It’s a good idea to buy an apron as well, as in any kitchen there’s bound to be a few spillages!

Shoes are very important for chefs, and a new chef will quickly learn that neglecting your feet is a very bad move! Chefs work long hours with not much chance for sitting down, and you must ready to move quickly if they need to in an environment where sharp or hot objects could easily fall on the floor. Practicality is key with footwear. Ideally, any chef’s footwear should be slip resistant and very comfortable, such as the Toffeln Safety Trainers. Perfect for chefs, they have wide safety toe-caps to protect your feet and give you more room, providing a perfect fit.

Essential Extras

Once you have your knives and your chef’s whites, you’re almost ready to begin your culinary journey! The final thing for your kit are some extras to make sure you’re always prepared to make excellent food. A knife sharpener is probably one of the most important extras you’ll need. Blunt knives can be dangerous, so always keeping one in your kit will mean that if you need to you can quickly sharpen up any blunt knives and carry on. A pocket thermometer is also an incredibly useful tool for students. Even professionals need to know their food is going to be perfectly cooked, and a thermometer is often the only way to do this without spoiling the appearance of the food.

Once you’re armed with your culinary toolkit, you’ll be ready to go out and learn all the tricks of the trade and become a fantastic chef! Good luck!

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