Spring Clean your Front of House

Spring is well and truly here, and a spring clean is a great way to get ready for the busy months ahead. A few changes can feel like a fresh start and can help you to get into the right frame of mind as spring and summer come. Just the same as a spring clean at home, a spring clean at your restaurant could give you a burst of energy and excitement and new ideas for where you want your business to go. Front of House gives your customers the feel of your restaurant as soon as they walk in the door, so presenting it well is key, a spring clean is your chance to fine tune each element and make sure you’re showing your best.

Keeping your tables simple is a great way to ensure your diners have an enjoyable experience. A cluttered table full of too many decorative items can be distracting, and the key is to allow your diners the most relaxing and comfortable evening at your restaurant. There are some key pieces that if you choose carefully are all your need on your tables to make them perfect.


The first and most important item you need on your table is cutlery. Cutlery does not need to be plain, you can have very interesting pieces that are visually pleasing without being over the top. Crosby’s have a great selection of cutlery from classic styles to more interesting pieces such as the Oneida Energy set.


The next element you need on your table is glassware. Two key pieces being wine glasses and tumblers for water. As with cutlery, these items don’t need to be plain, in fact Borgonovo have a great range of tumblers which would give an interesting look to your table. Similarly with the wine glasses, Crosby’s carry a great range of different brands who produce stunning wine glasses, from ARC to Stolzle, to Chef & Sommelier. If you serve beautiful wine in a beautiful glass, then your customers will be in for a wonderful meal!

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are simple little pieces that will just bring everything together. Salt and pepper pots are table essentials, and with a variety of styles to suit every front of house, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect extras. Candles are also a great way of adding a little extra atmosphere to your front of house, particularly for dinner service. The Borgonovo Nordkapp Candle Holder is ideal, with its simple design it will go with any table and look great.

Once you’ve your front of house looking perfect, then creating the perfect dining experience for your customers will be easy, and if the feel of front of house matches the food you’re serving then your diners will keep coming back for more!

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