We now have over 2000 new products on our website

Storage & Gastronorm…

We now have a new department on our website. It’s an even larger selection of ways to not only keep food safe in our range of storage containers but keeping food hot when serving in our new range of gastronorms which come in a variety of sizes. See for yourself below.



A LARGER range of cookware…

You will definitely not struggle to find the pots, pans and cookware you need when cooking any of your best dishes. We now have a huge variety of cookware in a range of different sizes for any professional chef or home baker. Let us help make the cooking process even simpler.



Even more Chefs Knives…

Ask any chef and they will tell you how vitally important the quality of their knives need to be. We can help with this! We now provide an even larger range of chefs knives for an even bigger range of purposes. We are certain you will find the knife you need.



More ways to present your food…

Food presentation is one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to attracting new customers. Our selection of food presentation equipment has just doubled in size. We now provide an greater selection of serving boards and bowls, baskets and buckets and an even larger range and variety of ramekins.



Serve your food on a wider selection…

As you know we all ready provide a wide range of crockery, but yes you guessed it! Our range of collections is now even bigger! We now help and supply even more restaurants with crockery that gives their customers the right message when sitting down to dine.


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