Has Your Food Got The X Factor? Food Presentation Trends That Wow

When we consume a meal, the first senses it hits are our smell and sight. The smell takes care of it’s self when you cook a delicious meal, but the way it is presented can change the guest’s perception of the taste before it has even hit their lips.
Here are some of the top food presentation trends that are currently popular for wowing patrons in the culinary world:

Use of Organic Materials

You may have noticed this trend already taking route from gastro pubs to fine dining venues. The use of organic materials such as wood, stone and most recently slate to create plates and platters is said to bring a natural element to the dish.
Not only does this trend make food look interestingly presented, stone and slate are both naturally trap heat for a period and so can be used to keep certain dishes warm. They can also be chilled to keep food cool longer when served, with these materials often being used by caterers to keep food cool throughout entire events.

Alternative Vessels

This trend involves thinking outside the box and using various receptacles not for their original intended purpose. These don’t even have to be food and drink holders. For example, some chefs use test tubes for serving soup or pipettes containing sauces for the guest to drizzle it themselves.

The most common and popular interpretations of this trend is using champagne flutes and shot glasses to serve all manner of appetizers and desserts. Dishes that are made for layering, such as trifles, fruit cocktails or prawn cocktails are ideal for creating a visually interesting effect using glass receptacles such as champagne flutes, cocktail glasses or even mason jars.

Sculpted Ice

One of the more extravagant food presentation trends is the use of sculpted ice to serve cold dishes. This can be anything from a simple bowl or plate shaped from ice all the way up to the magnificent ice sculptures often seen at large catered events.

There are many downfalls of using ice in food presentation, including the effect the room’s temperature has on it, the impact it has on the food presented on it, and the lifespan of it. However, it does make for one of the most interesting and memorable trends in food presentation, and makes for a great talking point at large scale events.

Food presentation is what can turn even a standard meal into something unique and memorable; it creates a talking point that will keep your guests musing well after the actual event.

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