July 2015


What should I put on my kids menu in my restaurant?

Designing your menu is a hugely important aspect of your business. So much thought goes into the range of dishes, the sourcing of ingredients, the presentation, and the balance of flavours. So then to the kids menu – chicken dippers, fish fingers, pasta with cheese – tick? Your main menu is obviously the main concern but when eating out as a family, the younger diners should also be tempted and must enjoy their meal too. For most eating out is a treat, and while we know that ‘kids like what... Read More

plasticware 21/07/2015

Polycarbonate and Disposables – The New Glassware

Whatever the event, every kind of hospitality includes offering a drink. And as the weather turns to summer and we all move outside to entertain, it’s sometimes necessary to move away from glassware. Polycarbonate drink & tableware has come a long way in recent years – forget the cloudy tumblers and pastel coloured melamine from school days, now there are attractive and affordable alternatives out there, and here at Crosbys we have picked some of the best options for you. With the growth in outdoor areas and health & safety... Read More


Bastille Day – 14th July 2015

Now, I’m not professing to be an authority of French food but chefs, cooks and diners can all agree that the influence of French cuisine has spread far and wide. We’re getting better and better here in the UK at shouting about our regional delicacies but in France it’s an issue of national pride. This talk of Bastille Day has got us all thinking about French food, and we’ve been chatting in the Crosbys office about our own favourite French dishes – soufflé, ratatouille, clafoutis, rillettes and chocolate mousse –... Read More


It’s been a while, but Crosbys are bloggin’ again!

Well, hi! It’s been a while, but we have all been busy and there is so much to tell you about. The last 9 months have been a time of great change for us all here at Crosbys: We’ve moved to new premises with a huge warehouse, new offices & purpose built showroom; we’ve celebrated our 25th year of business in the North East and beyond; our new logo has been unveiled; we’ve welcomed lots of new staff to our team; and with our new website about to launch it’s... Read More