Bastille Day – 14th July 2015

Now, I’m not professing to be an authority of French food but chefs, cooks and diners can all agree that the influence of French cuisine has spread far and wide. We’re getting better and better here in the UK at shouting about our regional delicacies but in France it’s an issue of national pride.

This talk of Bastille Day has got us all thinking about French food, and we’ve been chatting in the Crosbys office about our own favourite French dishes – soufflé, ratatouille, clafoutis, rillettes and chocolate mousse – but we’ve agreed there’s little more enjoyable than a picnic of wine, cheese & baguette!

Whether you’ve been inspired by a meal in a good French restaurant here in the UK or by a holiday on the Cote d’Azur or a night in Paris this is the perfect time to dust off your taste buds and appreciate the influence of French cuisine. While we share a lot of common staple ingredients with France – chicken, beef, apples and eggs etc. – there are herbs and techniques which make French gastronomy essentially French and make the flavours and textures so unique.

Here at Crosbys we stock preparation & presentation items for a huge variety of international cuisines, but for specifically French cooking here’s a couple of suggestions that would be useful:

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