Polycarbonate and Disposables – The New Glassware

Whatever the event, every kind of hospitality includes offering a drink. And as the weather turns to summer and we all move outside to entertain, it’s sometimes necessary to move away from glassware.

Polycarbonate drink & tableware has come a long way in recent years – forget the cloudy tumblers and pastel coloured melamine from school days, now there are attractive and affordable alternatives out there, and here at Crosbys we have picked some of the best options for you.

With the growth in outdoor areas and health & safety legislation more and more operators are needing a real alternative to glass. The manufacturers have stepped up and are now offering some fantastic options, and whether it’s disposable or reusable that you require we can supply the right product for you. As consumers we’re used to unbreakable alternatives whether poolside on holiday, or at a picnic or festival, and as design becomes as important as safety, now really is a great time to look again at polycarbonate & polystyrene drinkware.

These polycarbonate Elite Remedy from BBP look just like the original Gibraltar glass, and are perfect for beer gardens or BBQ event.



There are also stemware options




for more formal events.

This drinkware, alongside the more recognisable Tulip & Nonic shaped pints and halves mean that every event can be catered for, safely and stylishly.

The main differences and benefits of plasticware over glassware are:

  • Broken glass is the main caused of intentional and unintentional injuries in bars and pubs
  • One in 20 incidents of violence in England and Wales involved glass or bottles with an estimated cost to the tax-payer of £100 million
  • A survey showed that the majority of people were not bothered by the fact that the drinkware was plastic. The main people who were likely to have an opinion were older people.
  • Research carried out in bars across the UK show no change in sales when they switched from glass to plastic

Many of these items are printable too, so can be finished with your logo or event name and make sure that your branding is carried through your event and maybe home with the customer!

Take a look at our Plastic and Disposable category to see what else is available.

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