What should I put on my kids menu in my restaurant?

Designing your menu is a hugely important aspect of your business. So much thought goes into the range of dishes, the sourcing of ingredients, the presentation, and the balance of flavours. So then to the kids menu – chicken dippers, fish fingers, pasta with cheese – tick?

Your main menu is obviously the main concern but when eating out as a family, the younger diners should also be tempted and must enjoy their meal too. For most eating out is a treat, and while we know that ‘kids like what they know’, does the standard offering need to change?

Well, some recent research carried out by bookatable.co.uk suggests that most are eager for change. 78% of parents surveyed said that there was a lack of options in children’s menus, and 59% said available options were dull, unhealthy and needed to change.

So we see the start of a new campaign ‘Culinary Kids’, backed by some of the UK’s most prominent chains, which urges food outlets to look again at their children’s offering, with a view to including & encouraging healthier options.

As every adult diner has a different palate and varying preferences, so too do children. Are we doing junior diners a disservice by catering to the palate and confidence of the average 4 year old? Maybe the kids menu is the best opportunity to prepare the next generation of diners, and could be managed and used to widen their taste and increase their confidence.

I remember when ours were little – first you take your own pot of mush out for lunch. Then you share a bit of bread with them on their high chair table, then we’re on to ordering them something you like too in case they refuse to eat it, before eventually they’re as tall as you and wanting three courses!

Our Financial Controller Lucy has a 6 year old daughter who likes food that may not be your typical child’s appetite.

She loves Sushi but strangely doesn’t like chicken dippers, and she would happily sit and eat a stick of rhubarb or a jar of beetroot, so the typical children’s menu at a restaurant doesn’t really work for us. Oh and pineapple on a pizza, which in my opinion is the worst thing you could do to a pizza!

Whatever your opinion on this latest campaign, we can help! Alongside the food options comes the food service – and we have all the kit you might need for your younger diners including child sized cutlery, polycarbonate drinkware and highchairs. Just pop in or give us a call and one of our friendly team will be able to help 🙂


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