August 2015


The Microbrewing and Craft Beer Revolotion

As the brewing revolution “hops” up (see what we did there?), and the debate rages about the definition of ‘craft beer’, now really is the time to take a fresh look at beer. With the Office of National Statistics announcing earlier this year that craft beer has been added to that infamous basket of everyday family purchases that they use to calculate inflation, we can be sure that this is a long term production trend that will develop and grow along with our tastes. Consumers have long recognised the influence... Read More


Uniforms for Restaurants, Pubs and Catering

Do you have a work uniform? Here at Crosbys we’d never had a uniform for all our staff, and while we sold hundreds of chefs’ jackets and baggies, aprons with logos and kitchen clogs, it wasn’t until we moved premises that we were all kitted out in an easily recognisable uniform. Just a simple white shirt, embroidered with our new logo, but what a difference it has made! Our new showroom has a glass wall through to the offices, and with open access through to our cash and carry area... Read More


Cocktail O’Clock? Brand New Bar Kits

Cocktail O’clock? So, any exciting plans for the weekend? Here at Crosbys there’s been a lot of chat recently about cocktails – some beautiful barware samples have landed which we love, and the entries are piling in to our ‘win a Bonzer Cocktail Kit’ competition. Almost all bars and restaurants now offer a range of cocktails, and as the availability spreads, so the variety available increases too. Whether your favourite is a traditional staple such as a Mojito or a Cosmopolitan, or an updated alternative such as The Pickleback, the... Read More


It’s Bake Off Time!

In its nature baking is methodical, steady & calm. Not the usual subject for exciting TV fodder, but yet last year 13 million of us tuned in for the 2014 final of Great British Bake Off. So maybe it’s the slow pace of baking that entices us, or perhaps it’s the accessibility of the skills & ingredients that draws us in, but whether or not GBBO is your cup of tea, there’s no denying it’s a huge talking point. As excitement begins to build for the start of this new... Read More