It’s Bake Off Time!

In its nature baking is methodical, steady & calm. Not the usual subject for exciting TV fodder, but yet last year 13 million of us tuned in for the 2014 final of Great British Bake Off.

So maybe it’s the slow pace of baking that entices us, or perhaps it’s the accessibility of the skills & ingredients that draws us in, but whether or not GBBO is your cup of tea, there’s no denying it’s a huge talking point.

As excitement begins to build for the start of this new series and baking returns to our homes, the TV drama becomes reality, and websites & local cookshops see an upturn in sales and requests for specific kit ‘as seen on TV’. With sales of the ubiquitous Kitchenaid continuing to be strong, and the trend for kitchen-table businesses ongoing, it can’t be denied that shows such as GBBO have encouraged us to return to our ovens. The necessity of past decades has gone, replaced instead with a need to knead, and a desire to decorate, more and more of us are finding the relaxation that baking can bring to our busy lives.

Food outlets and producers too seem encouraged by this resurgence, the increased offering of afternoon tea and increasingly diverse wedding cake options are just two indications of our nation’s interest in all things sweet.

Whether you are baking for your own enjoyment or for business there’s no end of inspiration around – via celebrity chefs, supermarket magazines & Instagram – and now that manufacturers and producers are also offering gluten & dairy free options there really is something to tempt everyone. And if not, have a go yourself! We’ve got a selection of items that the professionals use on bake off available for you to purchase!

The Great British Bake Off Mixers

You Can’t Eat Cake Without Cutlery!

Range of Chef Clothing

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