Uniforms for Restaurants, Pubs and Catering

Do you have a work uniform? Here at Crosbys we’d never had a uniform for all our staff, and while we sold hundreds of chefs’ jackets and baggies, aprons with logos and kitchen clogs, it wasn’t until we moved premises that we were all kitted out in an easily recognisable uniform.

Just a simple white shirt, embroidered with our new logo, but what a difference it has made! Our new showroom has a glass wall through to the offices, and with open access through to our cash and carry area it means that for the first time ALL staff are visible to the customer.

After a period of such change here at Crosbys, the addition of a uniform has helped us all feel like a team, and externally, our branded clothing means that we are easily recognisable when visiting sites around the region. Now that we are involved more nationally both in sales & purchasing it’s great to have bright, clean & coordinated look to present to our customers & suppliers.

While most of our clothing sales are in our stock ranges of chefs’ wear – Dennys, Nevilles, Oliver Harvey & Chef Works – we now stock several options in footwear (Toffeln) and in front of house aprons (GenWear). Embroidery charges start from as little as £2, and can make such a difference to your front of house look, and staff team spirit.

If you’re based in the North East you will probably have seen our Chef7 van out and about – this service carries a large stock of chefs’ clothing & utensils and has been a huge hit with local businesses.

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