September 2015

Crosbys Chef7 Van 24/09/2015

Our Day at the Universal Cookery & Food Festival #UCFF2015

What a day! Following on from the success of the 3rd Universal Cookery & Food Festival held last year at River Cottage, this year the ‘Glastonbury for Chefs’ came to Northumberland. We managed to bag a great spot at Vallum Farm for our popular Chef7 van, and enjoyed a full day of learning and tasting with some of the best chefs & producers in the UK. Vallum was the perfect location for this year’s festival, and the North East really was on show in all its glory. Every element of... Read More


Catering for Autumn and Events

Moving from salad to soup and from barbecue to stew, as the weather changes so do our ingredients. With root veg, mushrooms and game suddenly in abundance there’s a definite change in the aromas coming from the kitchen. Autumn has arrived with hedges full of sloes and blackberries, and as the tractors finish their harvesting and baling, this season sends us in to the warmth of the kitchen ready for pickling and preserving. While the preparation is definitely underway for another busy Christmas and New Year, the best autumn produce... Read More


Catering for Christmas

Apologies for using the C word, but with less than 100 days to go, we really can’t avoid talking about Christmas! With 59% of businesses predicted to book their staff parties this month, planning and preparation is essential. Every business is different, as is the length of time we all need to plan for this busy period. With decisions to make on menus, dates, advertising and staff rotas it might be the case that the larger the business, the longer it takes to plan the festive offering. With all of... Read More


Choosing the right Crockery and Tableware

How do you navigate the best options when choosing tableware for your business – or indeed your home? When you set out to open, or update a business venue a lot of emphasis will be on the big spends – lighting, furniture, bar etc. but don’t forget the huge impact that crockery, cutlery & glassware have on your customers’ experience. Your chef will have a strong idea on how his food should be presented, and these ideas should balance with those of your interior designer to create a complete look.... Read More


Employment in the Hospitality Sector

Summer – such as it was – has passed by without an opportunity for us to blog about ice cream machines or BBQ equipment! So instead of fun and sunshine, let’s get serious and talk about the staffing crisis affecting our important hospitality sector. According to recent reports, there is a worsening skills shortage evident throughout the industry, with experts predicting that the UK will require an additional 11000 chefs by 2022! Hospitality is the 4th largest employment sector in the UK, and high staff turnover is reported to be... Read More