#GenwareBarwareLaunch | 1st October 2015

Genware has been one of Crosbys major brands for over 10 years now and today saw the launch of one of their most anticipated range of products yet: The Genware Barware Range.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new range, Genware invited five of the Crosbys team – Roger, Ben, Gary, Jojo and me – to their launch party in an amazing hidden gem of a bar deep in the backstreets of London . The venue was Cecil’s Bar: described as being the home of characters, cocktails and carefree souls.

The event was hosted by Andrew Neville, Managing Director of Nevilles, , the company who source and distribute the Genware range. Andrew was accompanied by 5 of the UKs top mixologists and bartenders; Tom Soden, James Fowler, Frankie Compopiano, Russell Burgess and Alastair Burgess. With a wealth of knowledge spanning 50,000 hours between them, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to barware and mixology.

The team at Nevilles worked very closely with the mixologists to find out what the bar industry is missing when it comes to Barware and Mixology equipment and noticed that price, quality and availability were the 3 main factors. On the back of this, Nevilles set out to create a Genware Barware range that’s high in quality, low in price and most importantly, readily available to the bar industry.

On the day, the mixologists took the attendees through a series of cocktail master-classes making everything from Martinis to Mojitos and Caipirinhas to Cosmopolitans. All of the equipment used by the top mixologists was Genware bar equipment and they were all incredibly impressed with the range. They took us through the features of each pieces, what they may be used for, how to use them and how to make the best drink possible.

All in all, the whole Genware Barware range was very impressive and will be a real contender amongst the barware industry.

If you’d like any more information on this new Barware range then one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help. Keep an eye out for the range appearing on our website over the next few weeks. Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when we add the range

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