What’s your “can’t do without” utensil?

Food has fashions – like most things do – preparation & presentation trends come and go.

I remember the cupboards in our house in the 80’s boasted an electric tip-opener and a pressure cooker! These days we’re more likely to be storing a juicer or spiralizer.

But fashion aside, what can’t you do without?

Probably something you use daily, like a really good, sharp knife, or a decent frying pan?

Having a good quality utensil can make cooking so much more enjoyable. Many’s the time we’ve struggled on holiday with a blunt knife or grater, or a non-functioning bottle opener.

So when it comes to selection, how do you choose? Recommendation means a lot and in these days of internet shopping it’s a huge bonus to be able to go into a shop to actually see & feel the available options. Most of the well-known brands of knives & utensils such as Sabatier & Geisser have been around for decades, and alongside these recognised names are some great new manufacturers.

Here at Crosbys we stock & sell ranges or utensils & cookware from a number of manufacturers, and we find that the best sellers hardly change from year to year. Our basic ranges are all of great quality and can be relied on for long service eg. Genware knife sets and pans. For customers wanting a higher quality product the popular options are Victorinox knives and Bourgeat pans.


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