Rational Oven Cleaning Guide – Your Questions Answered

The Rational range of Combination ovens are some of the most intelligent machines available in the catering industry. We’ve provided an easy to follow guide for cleaning and maintaining your Rational Oven answering many of the questions we get on a daily basis from our customers.

How often should I clean the Rational Oven?

Your Rational Oven should be cleaned every day with the Rational Cleaning Tablets. This helps to prevent food building up, maintains the high quality of the stainless steel and to help avoid break downs. Failure to clean the oven introduces a risk of fire.

What Rational Tablets do I need for my Rational Oven?

Each Rational Oven has a different set of tablets or cleaning fluid for each machine. A list of what is needed can be found below:

How do I use the Rational Tablets?

Rational’s automatic cleaning system for cleaning the cooking cabinet is called CleanJet+care. This detects the time that cleaning is required and takes into account working patterns to get the best clean. The system also reminds you at regular intervals until the cleaning is carried out so you won’t forget.

  • Step 1: Insert the amount of Care Control tab packages that the machine tells you on the display.
    • Place them in the flap on the floor units, or the drawer on the table-top units.
  • Step 2: Remove the protective foil from the Red Detergent tabs and place them into the recess in the air baffle.
    • Note: Do not place Detergent or Care Control tablets into the cooking cabinet.
  • Step 3: Close the door, and depending on your software version, the process will start automatically. If not, you will have to press the start button. Allow the Rational to go through the CleanJet+care process.
  • Step 4: Once the process is finished, check the Rational cooking chamber and the air baffle for any detergent residue. Wipe off the residue and thoroughly rinse the entire cooking cabinet using the hand shower.

Safety Notes

  • Always wear gloves when handling the detergent tablets.
  • Never open the Rational oven door during the cleaning process.
  • Before starting the cleaning, make sure that any racks are inserts correctly into the cooking cabinet.
  • Only use Rational branded tablets. Other tablets or compatibles may damage the machine and void your warranty.
  • Never put tablets into a hot cooking cabinet. Let the cabinet cool first.

If you have any questions or would like some help with your Rational Oven, you can visit the rational website or contact us on 0191 228 4800.

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