Crosbys’ New Website is Now Live!

We’ve kicked off 2017 with a brand new look! We’re always striving to improve what we do at Crosbys and this year, we’ve started with our website. Here are some of the improvements that have been made to make your shopping smooth and enjoyable.

16992266_1638887549471412_6645753966384985271_oYou’re Hired!

Due to the recent success of our website and the increased amount of customers, we’ve taken on a Digital Marketing Apprentice to help improve our digital presence even further. Over the next year we’ll be adding new and exciting products to the website, producing bigger advertising campaigns and making a big push to interact with our customers on Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also be updating our blog at least once a month, bringing you the latest and greatest in Catering Equipment and Tableware.

Mobile, Tablet and Computer

The average adult Brit spends an average of 66 hours per month browsing the web on their mobile, so it’s important that we reach every single customer and give them a great shopping experience. Our website is now fully compatible with Mobile, Tablet and Computer, making it even easier to shop anywhere you want. If like me, you have lots of Windows open on your computer at the same time, moving around different websites can be a chore when you lose half the website down the side of the window. When you’re browsing Crosbys, our website moves with your Window making it easy to use at any size.

Prefer to browse on your iPad or Tablet rather than a computer? We’ve got that covered too. You can use all of the features of our website the same way on a Tablet as you would on a PC including Zooming on images, scrolling through product and going through the checkout.

Bigger ButtonsClearer Information

We’ve collected a range of advice from customers over the past year and actually listened! Product information is now one of the most important aspects of our website. We’ve made the text clearer to read, made the buttons bigger with a faster checkout process, improved our images so you can now zoom in on them, and put help
ful customer reviews on each product. We don’t filter our reviews either – good, honest feedback from real Crosbys customers, including the rare One Star reviews! You have the opportunity to have your say too: we’ll send you an email after your order has arrive with instructions on how to leave a review. Every time you review our service, we’ll give you £5.00 off your next order. Not bad for 2 minutes of your time.

Our pricing is much clearer now too – we show you the Recommended Retail Price, the low price you’ll pay, and how much you’re saving. What’s more, because the majority of our customers are businesses, the prices automatically exclude VAT. Don’t want them displayed without tax? You don’t have to – the handy VAT switch at the top of every page means you can display our prices however you like.

We regularly offer discounts when you purchase larger quantities of items, so we’ve decided to put that information right in front of you too. Each product that we offer discount on clearly shows how many you need to buy and the price you’ll pay, so you’ll never miss out on a bargain again.

FiltersProduct Filters

A website full of products is great for shoppers, but it’s no good if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We’ve introduced easy to use filters so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can filter by a range of different product specifications including, but not limited, to:

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Collection
  • Price
  • Capacity


Using the Checkout on any website can be a laborious task, typing in your billing address, shipping address, email, name and card details. We’ve put an end to that with our improve checkout experience. The first time you purchase on our website, we make it really easy to set up an account. You can set one up before you start shopping, or have the website automatically create one for you when you checkout.

During this process, entering your addresses is extremely easy with the PostCode prediction feature. Start typing any part of your address and our website will show you a list of suggested places. Click on yours and voila! You’ve finished! So the next time you come back to buy, your address will be conveniently saved so you don’t have to type it again.

You also have the option to securely save your card details. Our payments provider SagePay have a neat feature that means you don’t have to repeatedly enter you card details every time you buy – the website remembers who you are and automatically fills them in for you. Don’t worry though, only you have access to the information and you can opt out at any time. Through a technology called Tokenisation, your details are highly secured and nobody at Crosbys or SagePay will ever see your card number.

If you’d prefer, we also offer PayPal and Amazon Pay to securely checkout with. You can use your Amazon details to create an account with Crosbys, reducing the need to type in your information. What’s more, if you use Amazon Pay, we don’t take the money from your account until we’ve dispatched your order.


Commercial Kitchen Projects are now a large part of what we do, and it’s only right that our team get their own space on our website. The Projects page features a gallery of our most recent kitchen designs, information on our Projects Team and a snippet of some of the amazing work our team do to help businesses reach their potential. We’ll be updating the Projects page regularly so keep your eyes peeled for more to come, including one of our biggest schemes to date and a new arrival!

Product Range

Crosbys have access to a huge range of over 50,000 products, so adding products to our website is a never ending task. Everyday we update the website with new and exciting ranges, from Tableware to Catering Equipment, so there’s always something different available when you browse our collections.

Customer Service

Not strictly a new part of our website, but we’ve significantly improved our customer service ready for the launch. Firstly, you’ll always be able to speak to the same person every time you call. Because we’re a small but efficient team, you can feel confident that your query will be dealt with by only one member of our team, without being passed around a call centre multiple times. Whether you speak to our Web Manager Nat, or Lorren in Customer Service, we’ll always give you that personal 1-to-1 service – after all, you’re not just another order on our website!

Should you have any questions about our products, or you’ve seen them cheaper elsewhere, you can use our improved “Price Match” and “Ask a Question” features so you can quickly get answers from our helpful team. No question is too big or too silly – we’re here 7am to 6pm weekdays and 8am to midday on Saturdays to give you answers when you need them.

Crosbys' New Website is Now Live!
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Crosbys' New Website is Now Live!
We've kicked off 2017 with a brand new look! We're always striving to improve what we do at Crosbys and this year, we've started with our website.
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