How to properly style your Halloween event.

Genware Skull Mug

This year has gone so fast & here at Crosbys we are preparing for winter! Halloween is right around the corner & if you’re struggling to theme your restaurant, bar or house for the occasion, don’t worry!

Novelty food is one of the best parts of Halloween & it’s what most people look forward to (besides dressing up as zombies) when it comes to the day.

It is often very difficult to cater for the event since there are so many common practices, many people struggle to be original.

That being said; here is the Crosbys guide to Halloween.

    1. Don’t be subtle! – Halloween only comes around once a year, so go all in. We’ve all seen terrible Halloween displays and let’s be honest, they never leave a good impression. So make yourself stand out, don’t settle for painting a spider on a cupcake. You can create a ghoulish vibe through a variety of practices which aren’t quite so cliché – Halloween is all about the ‘unknown’ so think outside of the box, rethink your entire food presentation, design a new special dish or product for the event or have your staff dressed up to fit your theme.
    2. Redesign your decor – Whether you’re catering at a venue, for your restaurant, or for your home, redesign your area. For one night only make your area a ghastly graveyard, a haunted house, or a creepy castle. If you create a strong lasting first impression your guests will be eager to try your food!
    3. Your presentation matters – Following on from step 2, your presentation can effect the perception of your food either hindering or improving the taste for your guests, so our advice is properly style each dish, do not rush & show an equal amount of care throughout all aspects of your event. Crosbys offers a variety of products which are perfect for use over Halloween & after to capture your guests intrigue & keep them coming back for more.
    4. Make it enjoyable! – Now you have properly styled your decor & accurately seasoned your food, your guests want to be entertained! Create games for all ages to get involved in, apple bobbing, wrap the mummy & costume contests are all fun ways of getting your guests involved. For the more creative & devoted – you could create a crime scene in which the guests must follow a set of clues to solve the mystery. All of which should include candy prizes (obviously…).

The Crosbys website features a host of themed products fit for the occasion – but what’s really going to frighten you, is the price!

If you are looking for the best products – here are a few hand picked for your Halloween.

  • Gun Metal Barware – Featuring a grungy vibe this range of barware is certain to add a mysterious & dark tone to the environment.
  • La Rochere – The La Rochere Brand offers medieval styled glassware which can also be used in a high end establishment.
  • Julep Cup – The Julep Cups on Crosbys offer an ‘olden day’ vibe with unique engravings & patterns, delivering the ‘Halloween vibe’
  • Genware Skull Mug – This Mug is a must have in everywhere including homes, the quirky design is the ideal blend of horror & style.
  • Tiki Glassware – It isn’t everyday you see a Tiki styled glass. Begin your presentation with these eccentric glasses.
  • Artis Z Stem Range – The bizarre design of this range works in a strange way & has connotations of class & style.
  • Glow in the Dark Glassware – Need I say anymore… It’s glassware, which glows in the dark…
  • Sunnex Soup Kettle – An efficient soup kettle which is easily disguisable as a cauldron.


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