World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day is on 25th October, and yes… it’s a big deal.

It’s been argued over centuries, despite popular belief, that pasta does not originate from Italy. Many arguments have been presented including that Marco Polo discovered pasta on a journey to China & returned with the discovery in 1271.

Since the origin of pasta (whenever it may be), over 600 different types have been created – meaning there is thousands of different combinations of meals which can be produced with pasta. That being said, here are Crosbys absolute favourites which we insist you try this World Pasta Day!

Ramen Carbonara:

We love this dish for multiple reasons, it is cheap, tasty & nutritious.

The simplicity in this dish is the pinnacle of its success & it is perfect for literally anybody while being extremely cost efficient since the dish can cost as little as £2!

Diethoods Chicken Bruschetta Pasta:

Diethood are a great website who commonly post some of the most nutritious & healthy homemade recipes on the internet.

This Chicken Bruschetta Pasta is a testament to that statement. In fact, you may be surprised by how simple this dish actually is to make from scratch…

Greek Style Pasta:

This dish perfectly fuses 2 cuisine cultures as it maintains authenticity from both; Olives & Pasta… what’s not to love.

The true ‘icing on the cake’ here is the dish is only 556kcal.



Squash & Spinach Fusilli with Pecans:

For the vegetarians out there, this dish is as good as it gets on World Pasta Day.

The dish is also perfect for those on a diet since the dish only contains a whopping 353kcal!

A must try dish which is bursting with goodness & flavour.

Lobster Mac & Cheese:

We absolutely love this dish by Jamie Oliver. It is so outrageously perfect, it would be difficult to fault the dish.

If you are cooking for a special group of guests & you want to showcase your cooking abilities then this dish is the one for you, or as Jamie puts it

“A total showstopper!”


Crab Rigatoni:

World Pasta Day is all about celebrating one of the best universal foods ever! So explore the possibilities.

Adding crab is a perfect complement to the traditional tomato rigatoni dish & even though it seems complex this dish is surprisingly simple

You may even finding yourself adding this to your weekly rotation.

Baked Ziti Arrabbiata:

This option is a guaranteed crowd pleaser & is an all around favourite when it comes to pasta.

Arrabbiata is an extremely common dish and by adding a béchamel sauce you can create a unique dish which boasts extreme simplicity.








Now, we challenge you to create your favourite or a new pasta dish & share it with the #WorldPastaDay then tag us in the photo on Instagram and Twitter @Crosbys_BCA

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