Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather, in winter it’s wonderful to stock up on essentials and take a seat in front of a warm fire.

Coffee Glass


Crosbys have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect equipment for your evening. A browse through our website can lead you to every item needed for a cosy night in – no matter how many people are joining you!



We currently have an extra special online offer of 30% off the popular Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of glassware. Designed to enhance the taste and encourage the development of aroma this stemware has a unique shape and a quality, restaurant feel. Now a firm favourite in restaurants and homes these glasses look fantastic on your table and feel great in your hand.


For a night shared with friends why not take advantage of our barware offers – we have a full range of cocktail equipment and drinkware in stock, all of which also make great gifts. At Casa Crosby we recently invited friends over for a cocktail night. We had such fun getting to grips with all of the beautiful metallic shakers & strainers, muddlers & measures – and with a different glass for each round we certainly tested a good selection of Crosbys barware! Whether you’re stocking a busy bar or wanting to impress with your skills at home we recommend you look through the extensive range of equipment available on our website or in our Newcastle showroom.


Crosbys have various sizes of both olive wood boards & slate platters in stock, perfect to be loaded up with a selection of cheeses to share. These can of course also be used for canapes – I’m making myself hungry just typing this….


Our wide range of Latte glasses double up to be used for either a hot coffee or a festive mulled wine. We have a variety of shapes available, either handled or double walled, and with long handled latte spoons available too your guests can enjoy a warming drink of any kind.


Make a Christmas movie an event with our fab popcorn cups – washable & reusable, and very affordable, these are striped red and white and come in 2 sizes. So, what to watch…? A quick poll of our office delivered a top 3 which makes us all want to head for the tv right now:

Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf – there’s a relaxing afternoon!



Shopping aside, we hope you have time to relax and enjoy the festivities this winter.

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