Plastic Straws to be Banned in the U.K!

The U.K has pushed for a ban on ‘one-use plastic materials’, this includes many items used in bars & restaurants; such as plastic straws, stirrers & other one use disposables. Plastic has been the source of much controversy over the past decade, however now serious action is finally being taken. Until now we have seen some attempts in the U.K to reduce our use of plastic such as charging for plastic bags in super markets & some supermarkets even removing plastic bags all together.

In the U.K, it is estimated we use 8.5 billion plastic straws a year – the vast majority of which end up in land fill or the ocean… in most cases, it is the latter. These figures are for plastic straws alone, with it being estimated that we waste around 3.7bn tonnes of general plastic each year. When that is put into perspective; how much more unnecessary waste are we dumping into our oceans?

Plastic 'Island' in the Caribbean











Once the plastic is in the ocean there is a very high chance marine life will mistake the unknown object for food. This is toxic to the animals as they are unable to digest it & as a result we are seeing rapid decreases in population & in-turn, killing our oceans. Plastic straws are only a small part of the problem, however is the perfect place to start when thinking about how easy alternatives are to source, Crosbys has stepped up & begun selling paper straws & PLA straws (Biodegradable material derived from renewable resources) & will soon stop selling plastic disposables all together! You can help to reduce our carbon footprint, not just for your business or industry, but for the world.

Turtle effected by plastic waste











Many other businesses are leading a charge on cutting plastic, for example Biopac; manufacture 100% biodegradable packaging & disposables. Another example is Saltwater Brewery, who are based in Florida! This Brewery manufactures 6 pack rings which are not just biodegradable, they are in-fact edible for marine life!

As members of the catering industry, we are a leading cause of this epidemic & therefore we should do our part to drive towards stopping it. Crosbys will begin to offer alternatives & many more suppliers already offer fully biodegradable disposables. An announcement was made that the government plans to abolish plastic waste completely by 2040!

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