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Barbecue Presentation Options 09/03/2018

Summer is Right Around the Corner!

Warmer weather is only a few months away & that means one thing… barbecues! When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than sitting in the garden with friends & family, drinking a cold pint & eating good food. Crosbys have you covered with all the best products to make your barbecues that much better. Tablecraft American Diner Platters: Serve your food creations in an authentic American Diner Platter (Available in a range of colours & sizes). Instead of using a common plate, change it up with these fun &... Read More

Coffee Mugs 04/12/2017
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Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather, in winter it’s wonderful to stock up on essentials and take a seat in front of a warm fire.   Crosbys have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect equipment for your evening. A browse through our website can lead you to every item needed for a cosy night in – no matter how many people are joining you!     We currently have an extra special online offer of 30% off the popular Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of glassware. Designed to enhance... Read More

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World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day is on 25th October, and yes… it’s a big deal. It’s been argued over centuries, despite popular belief, that pasta does not originate from Italy. Many arguments have been presented including that Marco Polo discovered pasta on a journey to China & returned with the discovery in 1271. Since the origin of pasta (whenever it may be), over 600 different types have been created – meaning there is thousands of different combinations of meals which can be produced with pasta. That being said, here are Crosbys absolute... Read More

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How to properly style your Halloween event.

This year has gone so fast & here at Crosbys we are preparing for winter! Halloween is right around the corner & if you’re struggling to theme your restaurant, bar or house for the occasion, don’t worry! Novelty food is one of the best parts of Halloween & it’s what most people look forward to (besides dressing up as zombies) when it comes to the day. It is often very difficult to cater for the event since there are so many common practices, many people struggle to be original. That... Read More


How To Have a Stress Free Dinner Party

With Christmas around the corner, everyone’s in a hurry. We’re hurrying to get all the gifts bought and wrapped and hurrying to stock the freezer with all the ingredients we need for the perfect Christmas dinner; all in all, it can be a pretty stressful experience. It certainly doesn’t make matters any easier when you have parties to plan for either. Christmas is known as the season to be jolly, meaning that we often spend the holidays in a haze of food and drink, combatting hangovers and trying to keep... Read More