Coffee Mugs 04/12/2017
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Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather, in winter it’s wonderful to stock up on essentials and take a seat in front of a warm fire.   Crosbys have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect equipment for your evening. A browse through our website can lead you to every item needed for a cosy night in – no matter how many people are joining you!     We currently have an extra special online offer of 30% off the popular Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of glassware. Designed to enhance... Read More


Choosing the right Crockery and Tableware

How do you navigate the best options when choosing tableware for your business – or indeed your home? When you set out to open, or update a business venue a lot of emphasis will be on the big spends – lighting, furniture, bar etc. but don’t forget the huge impact that crockery, cutlery & glassware have on your customers’ experience. Your chef will have a strong idea on how his food should be presented, and these ideas should balance with those of your interior designer to create a complete look.... Read More


The essentials needed to serve delicious food

Crockery is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. Having a good kit to make your delicious food and then not having good crockery to serve it on would be a disaster! That’s why making sure you have everything you need before you start is so essential. Plates Plates are such a standard part of any kitchen, used for everything from starters to desserts, but they don’t need to be the simple white plates you always see. Of course, these are fantastic, simple, elegant and perfect for serving... Read More