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Restaurant Week in Newcastle

Restaurant week is a big deal here in the North East & if you don’t know what it is, where have you been?! But don’t worry, Crosbys have you covered! Restaurant week is a North Eastern celebration of all things food, because… why not… Restaurants who partake in this week offer a set menu for £10-£15pp for 2 courses which you really can’t find any complaints with. Additionally, some of the best restaurants in this part of the country take part, giving you the chance to enjoy some of the greatest food your... Read More

Plastic on the Beach 26/04/2018

Plastic Straws to be Banned in the U.K!

The U.K has pushed for a ban on ‘one-use plastic materials’, this includes many items used in bars & restaurants; such as plastic straws, stirrers & other one use disposables. Plastic has been the source of much controversy over the past decade, however now serious action is finally being taken. Until now we have seen some attempts in the U.K to reduce our use of plastic such as charging for plastic bags in super markets & some supermarkets even removing plastic bags all together. In the U.K, it is estimated... Read More

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World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day is on 25th October, and yes… it’s a big deal. It’s been argued over centuries, despite popular belief, that pasta does not originate from Italy. Many arguments have been presented including that Marco Polo discovered pasta on a journey to China & returned with the discovery in 1271. Since the origin of pasta (whenever it may be), over 600 different types have been created – meaning there is thousands of different combinations of meals which can be produced with pasta. That being said, here are Crosbys absolute... Read More


Restaurant Loyalty – Turn a Satisfied Customer into a Loyal Customer.

Will a loyalty scheme help you to engage with & learn from your customers? Will it give them a reason to return while helping you to build your business? There are various types of loyalty schemes around, those which offer discounts & offers in return for an email address, some which offer a freebie after a number of visits and others which are an annual membership for a small fee with discounts across various chains. Some restaurants use forms ask for feedback, and will then use your details to email... Read More


Restaurants and Pubs are making a FORTUNE using this Pokemon Go trick

If you haven’t heard about it by now, where have you been this past month?!. Making a leap from the 90s, Pokemon Go is fast becoming the worlds biggest mobile game and has become a gold mine for pubs and restaurants throughout the UK. If you’re not familiar with how the game works, here’s a quick breakdown: • Using a map of the real world, the player has to physically walk around the streets searching for Pokemon. • If the player bumps into a. Pokemon, it’s shown on the screen and... Read More


What’s your “can’t do without” utensil?

Food has fashions – like most things do – preparation & presentation trends come and go. I remember the cupboards in our house in the 80’s boasted an electric tip-opener and a pressure cooker! These days we’re more likely to be storing a juicer or spiralizer. But fashion aside, what can’t you do without? Probably something you use daily, like a really good, sharp knife, or a decent frying pan? Having a good quality utensil can make cooking so much more enjoyable. Many’s the time we’ve struggled on holiday with... Read More


Catering for Autumn and Events

Moving from salad to soup and from barbecue to stew, as the weather changes so do our ingredients. With root veg, mushrooms and game suddenly in abundance there’s a definite change in the aromas coming from the kitchen. Autumn has arrived with hedges full of sloes and blackberries, and as the tractors finish their harvesting and baling, this season sends us in to the warmth of the kitchen ready for pickling and preserving. While the preparation is definitely underway for another busy Christmas and New Year, the best autumn produce... Read More


Catering for Christmas

Apologies for using the C word, but with less than 100 days to go, we really can’t avoid talking about Christmas! With 59% of businesses predicted to book their staff parties this month, planning and preparation is essential. Every business is different, as is the length of time we all need to plan for this busy period. With decisions to make on menus, dates, advertising and staff rotas it might be the case that the larger the business, the longer it takes to plan the festive offering. With all of... Read More


Employment in the Hospitality Sector

Summer – such as it was – has passed by without an opportunity for us to blog about ice cream machines or BBQ equipment! So instead of fun and sunshine, let’s get serious and talk about the staffing crisis affecting our important hospitality sector. According to recent reports, there is a worsening skills shortage evident throughout the industry, with experts predicting that the UK will require an additional 11000 chefs by 2022! Hospitality is the 4th largest employment sector in the UK, and high staff turnover is reported to be... Read More