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Coffee Mugs 04/12/2017
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Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather, in winter it’s wonderful to stock up on essentials and take a seat in front of a warm fire.   Crosbys have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect equipment for your evening. A browse through our website can lead you to every item needed for a cosy night in – no matter how many people are joining you!     We currently have an extra special online offer of 30% off the popular Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of glassware. Designed to enhance... Read More


Choosing the right Crockery and Tableware

How do you navigate the best options when choosing tableware for your business – or indeed your home? When you set out to open, or update a business venue a lot of emphasis will be on the big spends – lighting, furniture, bar etc. but don’t forget the huge impact that crockery, cutlery & glassware have on your customers’ experience. Your chef will have a strong idea on how his food should be presented, and these ideas should balance with those of your interior designer to create a complete look.... Read More


The Microbrewing and Craft Beer Revolotion

As the brewing revolution “hops” up (see what we did there?), and the debate rages about the definition of ‘craft beer’, now really is the time to take a fresh look at beer. With the Office of National Statistics announcing earlier this year that craft beer has been added to that infamous basket of everyday family purchases that they use to calculate inflation, we can be sure that this is a long term production trend that will develop and grow along with our tastes. Consumers have long recognised the influence... Read More


It’s Bake Off Time!

In its nature baking is methodical, steady & calm. Not the usual subject for exciting TV fodder, but yet last year 13 million of us tuned in for the 2014 final of Great British Bake Off. So maybe it’s the slow pace of baking that entices us, or perhaps it’s the accessibility of the skills & ingredients that draws us in, but whether or not GBBO is your cup of tea, there’s no denying it’s a huge talking point. As excitement begins to build for the start of this new... Read More

plasticware 21/07/2015

Polycarbonate and Disposables – The New Glassware

Whatever the event, every kind of hospitality includes offering a drink. And as the weather turns to summer and we all move outside to entertain, it’s sometimes necessary to move away from glassware. Polycarbonate drink & tableware has come a long way in recent years – forget the cloudy tumblers and pastel coloured melamine from school days, now there are attractive and affordable alternatives out there, and here at Crosbys we have picked some of the best options for you. With the growth in outdoor areas and health & safety... Read More


Bastille Day – 14th July 2015

Now, I’m not professing to be an authority of French food but chefs, cooks and diners can all agree that the influence of French cuisine has spread far and wide. We’re getting better and better here in the UK at shouting about our regional delicacies but in France it’s an issue of national pride. This talk of Bastille Day has got us all thinking about French food, and we’ve been chatting in the Crosbys office about our own favourite French dishes – soufflé, ratatouille, clafoutis, rillettes and chocolate mousse –... Read More


Spring Clean your Front of House

Spring is well and truly here, and a spring clean is a great way to get ready for the busy months ahead. A few changes can feel like a fresh start and can help you to get into the right frame of mind as spring and summer come. Just the same as a spring clean at home, a spring clean at your restaurant could give you a burst of energy and excitement and new ideas for where you want your business to go. Front of House gives your customers the... Read More