Plastic on the Beach 26/04/2018

Plastic Straws to be Banned in the U.K!

The U.K has pushed for a ban on ‘one-use plastic materials’, this includes many items used in bars & restaurants; such as plastic straws, stirrers & other one use disposables. Plastic has been the source of much controversy over the past decade, however now serious action is finally being taken. Until now we have seen some attempts in the U.K to reduce our use of plastic such as charging for plastic bags in super markets & some supermarkets even removing plastic bags all together. In the U.K, it is estimated... Read More

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World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day is on 25th October, and yes… it’s a big deal. It’s been argued over centuries, despite popular belief, that pasta does not originate from Italy. Many arguments have been presented including that Marco Polo discovered pasta on a journey to China & returned with the discovery in 1271. Since the origin of pasta (whenever it may be), over 600 different types have been created – meaning there is thousands of different combinations of meals which can be produced with pasta. That being said, here are Crosbys absolute... Read More