Young Chefs


Uniforms for Restaurants, Pubs and Catering

Do you have a work uniform? Here at Crosbys we’d never had a uniform for all our staff, and while we sold hundreds of chefs’ jackets and baggies, aprons with logos and kitchen clogs, it wasn’t until we moved premises that we were all kitted out in an easily recognisable uniform. Just a simple white shirt, embroidered with our new logo, but what a difference it has made! Our new showroom has a glass wall through to the offices, and with open access through to our cash and carry area... Read More


What do student chefs need for the restaurant world?

If you’re thinking about getting into the catering industry or you are already learning the tricks of the trade, then one way of ensuring you do the very best you can is with the right kit. Just as an art student needs their pens and pencils, any new chef needs a good set of equipment. Knives Knives can be very expensive, especially good ones. It’s well known that students don’t have the most money in the world, so finding good, yet affordable, knives is essential. Crosby’s provides an excellent selection... Read More