Bauscher Tableware

A visionary professional tableware brand for the global hotel and restaurant sector continually developing new and innovative collections which leave a lasting impression.

Bauscher professional porcelain products are designed to be robust, functional, durable yet still beautiful, making them a popular choice with customers worldwide. 

Bauscher's proven expertise in aesthetic yet functional design allows them to consistently transform culinary occasions into a truly memorable experience. 

Hard glazed porcelain, one of the world's hardest materials after diamond is distinguished by its high chip, cut and scratch resistant glaze. Bauscher use kaolin, quartz and feldspar in a very special mix which is fired at over 1,400 degrees celsius making a premium grade porcelain.

Bauscher Tableware

Bauscher professional tableware is manufactured in Germany, in one of the world’s most modern porcelain factories. Up to 120,000 pieces leave the Weiden factory on any given day for destinations around the world. Customers who opt for Bauscher get more than merely a few plates and cups, they get premium products and award winning designs.Their products are robust, functional, resilient and beautiful. These features have made Bauscher tableware the most frequently used professional tableware in the world.

All Bauscher collections are made of premium quality hard porcelain fired at over 1,400C which ensures a hard and impervious finish that has a high resistance to cuts and scratches.  

The Bauscher collections that Artis has selected to stock in its UK warehouse have been specifically chosen for their individual characteristics and provide a portfolio of porcelain items which make the ideal presentation platforms for food creations in terms of innovation and functionality.

The collections from Bauscher will fulfil and exceed your expectations in every way because they invented professional tableware in 1881 and have continued to develop it into the largest and most attractive portfolio available.